Septembers hottest Apps and Gadgets!

BY Olly Mann

1st Jan 2015 Technology

Septembers hottest Apps and Gadgets!

The best of September's Gadgets tried and tested tech expert Olly Mann. This month free yourself from the ironing with Tefal's latest offering; never run out of battery on your smart phone with the Onaji Pawa Card; plus TomTom's latest six-inch offering! Not to mention the best Apps of the month. Olly is a presenter for BBC 5live and hosts an hilarious podcast called Answer Me This!

This Month's Gadgets

Remember when PCs were all big grey boxes? When refrigerators were single, towering, cream-coloured columns? There’s been a design revolution in home tech over recent years—yet irons mostly remain functional and boring. Huzzah, then, for this latest range from Tefal, which, being both cordless and colourful, does its bit to bring ironing into the 21st century. Sure, actually doing the ironing remains a horrendously tedious task, but the Freemove makes it ever so slightly more fun.

Tefal Freemove Iron

Onaji Pawa Card,  £19.99

Thanks to smartphones we can now stream music, read books and tweet selfies, all while standing in line at the Post Office. But such multitasking drains battery life something chronic. Thousands of pocket chargers are available offering a top-up solution, but Onaji’s is the sleekest I’ve seen—a 30-pin Apple charger, Lightning charger, micro USB and a torch, all packed into a neat, rubberised device no bigger than a credit card that charges via USB. Although the extra 30% charge it provides is a relatively small boost, it truly fits in your pocket, unlike much of the competition.

Onaji Pawa Card

TomTom GO 620, £179.99

It’s a decade since TomTom GO first went on sale in the UK and became the fastest-selling tech device ever. Whether, in the age of Google Maps, it’ll still be with us ten years hence is debatable, but in the meantime this latest model has everything you’d want from a standalone device, including a six-inch screen, ever-updating maps of 45 European countries and freebie traffic alerts. 

tomtom GO

This Month's Apps

Apple app of the month 

First Aid by British Red Cross, free

First Aid App from British Red Cross

In an emergency, you haven’t the time to be Googling, “Argh, I’ve just burned my arm! What do I do now?”, only to be promoted a range of books that’ll take a week to arrive in the post. Here, crisis situations are listed alphabetically with clear instructions, illustrations and videos for each scenario, as well as related Q&As and a hospital locator. This app really could be a lifesaver. 

British Red Cross First Aid App

Also available for BlackBerry and Android

Android app of the month

Yahoo! Aviate, free

Yahoo! Aviate app

This clever new “skin” from Yahoo! instantly prettifies your homescreen with intelligent design that groups your apps together in customisable sub-categories, and alters the order according to your habits—prioritising public- transport apps when you set off for work, or music apps when you plug in your headphones. 

Aviate Yahoo! App

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