Saphyte, supplying tech infrastructure to local businesses


29th Apr 2021 Technology

Saphyte, supplying tech infrastructure to local businesses

Building a future-ready tech infrastructure has become a necessity for companies, post-pandemic. In a changing business landscape, agility, flexibility, and adaptability are the new business requirements that companies cannot go without.

Technologies that enable businesses to launch online services allow companies to adapt to new business environments. That’s why Loyica Technology, a Dubai-based tech company, prioritized its partnerships with local businesses when it launched the digital ecosystem Saphyte. The digital ecosystem has not only added value to companies but has also increased their impact on customers.


Providing clients with a new experience

Launched in 2017, Saphyte simplifies complex business workflows with its smartly designed tools. The tech streamlines corporate activities into one platform using a centralized system that uses automation and an intuitive platform to restructure and organize sales and marketing operations.

As the world moves rapidly towards innovation and technological advancement, it has become mandatory for businesses to adapt to new technologies and systems that ease processes. When Ali Homadi, the company’s CEO, introduced Saphyte into the UAE market, he envisioned the CRM to be the next big thing in the tech world.

Today, the company targets SMEs, startups, and medium-sized businesses to allow them to offer services and features that will help them make genuine, meaningful relations with customers all around the world.

Saphyte – focusing on sales

Although many CRMs are already available on the market, none of them specialize in local sales and marketing teams. The launch of Saphyte has bridged the gap between technologies and these two departments. Gone are the days when sales personnel spend countless hours managing and organizing their data and handling the pressure of their demanding jobs.

Saphyte’s features of onboarding, engagement, and management have enabled the sales agents and companies to increase their customers. The sales management tools provided by Saphyte are built and designed to expedite the sales process and make it easy and convenient.

The sales team is known to be the backbone of the company as they bring in new leads and help sell the products to users. Despite having a tough job description, they are not provided with efficient and productive tools that ease and speed up their work.

With Saphyte’s features, users can perform all of their sales tasks seamlessly without making it complicated. Its built-in feature of categorizing deals according to team hierarchy, sectors, milestones, and timelines have enabled the agents to keep things in an organized manner. Other leading features of sales include, quote management, deals management, sales pipeline, lead scoring, client and invoice management.

Saphyte – Focusing on marketing

Another feature of Saphyte is that it focuses on streamlining the marketing department as well. With its features, it redefines the customer experience and provides its clients a better understanding of their marketing campaigns.

It is not a hidden fact that designing and leading marketing campaigns is a tough job. Being able to bring a company or its products under the spotlight requires developing smart strategies and creating tools and methodologies that attract customers and keep them engaged.

All of this becomes extremely important especially when companies remain reliant on manual transactions without the assistance of certain tools and technologies. With Saphyte’s marketing tools, companies can simplify business processes and create more engaging conversations with their leads with just a few clicks.

Saphyte specializes in email marketing as it is one of the most effective ways of marketing a company, product, or service. It provides an array of professional and stylish email templates to choose from while helping keeping track of the recipients. It also has the feature of sending bulk emails. This feature helps users save a lot of time and it transforms processes to become less tiring and boring. In addition to this, Saphyte also empowers its customers to design their own email templates. With its easy-to-understand-and-use tools, customizing email templates will be a breeze for non-tech-savvy people.

A new business management Era

With cutting-edge sales and marketing features, Saphyte has embarked on a new journey to unlimited success and tons of achievements. Today, it continues to partner with local businesses, supplying the needed tech infrastructure needed for the post-pandemic world.

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