My Success Team Helps Military Veterans via New E-Learning Scholarship Offerings

For the uninitiated, MySuccess.Team is a rapidly growing online company that provides executive coaching and business support services to business owners and future business owners alike.

They offer online coaching via Skype or the screen sharing service ZOOM, and help with the creation of business plans, social media management, website design, tech support, and marketing. To put it simply, their business (and especially the business of their clientele), is booming. Their client’s successes have attracted major recognition for MySuccess.Team themselves - being touted in publications such as USA Today, The Daily Herald, Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, even Harvard University and Yale University’s blogs, among many others.

While their coaching service is commended for its ability to help business owners reach success, one particular area of interest remains for MySuccess.Team -  help and financial support to Military Veterans and their families. While the largest aspect of this commitment to this group has been their involvement with the foundation FISHER HOUSE (which helps to house Military veterans and their families so that they can be close to loved ones who reside in nearby medical facilities while being treated for an illness) MySuccess.Team has also been active in private donations and hosting dinners and meals for groups of veterans as well. They have recently expanded their efforts to support these folks by the announcement of expanding their educational scholarship designated specifically for military veterans.

Created by Braxton Yoeman, a success coach recently added to the MySuccess.Team roster of coaches (and who comes from a military family himself), the new educational scholarship is designed to help support military veterans get access to business education and coaching resources to help them reach the next level of success in their post military lives. 

“It’s Time to Pay it Forward” success coach Braxton Yoeman said of the company’s commitment to support the veterans. “Our initial scholarship worked so well, I knew it was time to do this just like we do everything – with focus and care and seeing it thorugh to the very end to make sure it’s a success. So now, especially with all the financial instability caused with the current pandemic, it’s something that I think can really do some good and help those who really need that extra hand.” 

He went on to state that he believes he owes much of his success to the military men and women who have helped keep this country safe thanks to their continued efforts all over the world. Braxton and MySuccess.Team believe these scholarships will help veterans create and build businesses and they are determined to do their best to help those who are most in need of these services. 

While the specific details of the scholarships have not been released, the company promises that due to their rapid growth and recently reported earnings, the scholarships will be fully funded from their internal budget with no outside help required. 

Additional details of this scholarship offering will be made public as they become available, but in the meantime, MySuccess.Team recommends that military veterans and their families who are interested in the scholarship contact them directly by emailing info@MySuccess.Team. Details will also be available through their website www.MySuccess.Team

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