Kenkyo, an NFT brand, promotes humbleness through its genesis collection


28th Apr 2022 Technology

Kenkyo, an NFT brand, promotes humbleness through its genesis collection

A new NFT brand brings humbleness into the digital space.


NFT brands have been experimenting through their projects, from philanthropy to promoting an idea or message to creating a parallel economy for the NFT community. While that has been happening, many founders have realized the best way to tap into the ecosystem is to create something that will stand the test of time and last.

Kenkyo is an NFT brand that wants to create a lasting impression on the NFT space. Its mission is to be a principle-based project with an emphasis on humility. This is a complete whitelist project. That means you had to be hand-picked and approved by the founders to receive NFTs. This process was done because of the founders’ “desire to encourage the community with inherent value rather than pure financial gain.”

Kenkyo’s primary goal is to build value by taking responsibility for collectively building the NFT ecosystem. In addition, they want to be a shining example of an NFT brand that is transparent, has integrity, and demonstrates humility. After having extended discussions, the three founders of Kenkyo concluded that being genuinely humble and grounded is the ultimate key to success.

Kenkyo will always be a project that spreads the word of NFT, uses a unique approach with intelligent strategies, and is grounded in the ethics of decentralized technology. This is the brand that will generate the actual value of NFT.

With 777 genesis collection, this NFT will be secured on Ethereum. They have also collaborated with top-tier projects such as Karafuru and Tasty-Bones. Within their whitelisted community, they have created many holders of these NFTs. This is a beautiful way to honor our loyal contributor base while at the same time bringing in new users to this community.

Providing a distinctive and revolutionary experience for the NFT holder is a priority for Kenkyo. They have created a loyalty program that gives back to the holders of their tokens. It will be a unique way to give back through royalty incentives based on secondary sales, etc. Opportunities like this are not found in many projects that you can see here, and we believe this will bring additional attention to the project and its community.

With a proven track record, the elite alpha team is another unique feature of Kenkyo. This elite team will provide support, create new partnerships for the project, and secure giveaway opportunities for the holders. This NFT brand will bring value to its holders.

Their vision to spread the words of humbleness and contribute value to the NFT space is a solid one. It's rare to see an NFT project with a humble but ambitious vision. They are focusing on creating value rather than just the short-term gains. This is a great way to set standards for other projects to follow.

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