How to market a proptech startup


24th Feb 2022 Technology

How to market a proptech startup

Proptech is an industry that is continuing to grow and adapt to the past few years of the pandemic.

With more and more problems being solved by new proptech startups, it is important that they find effective ways to market their solutions to both businesses and individuals who could benefit.

The property industry has largely benefited from the move towards digitisation, with the marketing opportunities for the proptech industry certainly focused on the online world more so than ever before, so much so that investment, ranging from early stage investors to series B, C and even further have been funded almost unabated throughout the pandemic.

Whether it is through social media, websites or virtual reality, embracing digital aspects of marketing will help proptech startups gain both interested investors and customers.

There are other ways for proptech startups to market themselves and this guide explores just some of the ways that a proptech startup could look to market themselves to help them grow their brand.

Content marketing

Content marketing is an extremely popular form of marketing in this day and age. With many people turning to Google or other search engines to find answers to their questions, content marketing can be the key to attracting new customers.

Long form content that can be broken down into smaller pieces and different formats to be shared over time can help your proptech business find new customers online.

For example you could create an in-depth property market report or a buy/sell/rent guide to share with people on social media and your website.

Embrace digitisation

Importantly, proptech startups have to embrace the digitisation that is dominating the industry in order to market effectively.

Using new techniques that have been implemented during the pandemic to market their solution to potential customers is so important in marketing the business effectively. This is a lesson that has been learned in the past by various industries that have needed to adapt quickly.

For example, payday loans online have seen huge changes and moves towards digital offerings in recent times and more so than ever before. However, the industry innovators have risen to the challenge and fulfilled the needs of customers and businesses through digital means and solutions.

For example, many proptech startups have implemented the use of Virtual Reality (VR) in order to show off properties or solutions.

Changing trends in the way consumers seek out products and services has given rise to a whole new segment of digital marketing tools and techniques to influence their preference and buying decisions.

Proptech startups have to embrace and further this in order to market effectively.

Use webinars and workshops

proptech ideas and solutions can often be confusing to the wider public that do not understand how your startup can help the average customer.

Holding webinars or workshops with property advice or with explanations for your product could be a good way to get your message across to customers and businesses that could benefit from your startup.

Collecting both business and individual contact information through these workshops and webinars could help you network effectively and find the right people to help push your startup forward.

Advertise how you solve a problem

Many people and businesses struggle when it comes to property, there are many problems that are continued to be solved by proptech startups.

Advertising how your start-up solves the problem that it does is an effective marketing technique; use market research to see what the main pain points are for customers and use these in your advertising campaign.

Use paid targeted social media adverts on sites such as YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter to find relevant customers.

Animated videos are a great way to attract customer’s attention during these advertisements.

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