How a new kind of smartphone could change your life

67-year-old Stephen's life changed when he purchased his first smartphone. Here's how a new model, designed for beginners of any age, could be the right fit for you. 

Observed from the sidelines, the fast moving world of smartphone technology can appear daunting to anyone who hasn’t yet taken the plunge.

Doro, the world leader in easy to use mobile phones, understands this and is developing smartphones specifically designed for beginners of all ages.

Until two months ago, retired grandfather Stephen Phillips from Middlesex had never used a smartphone, but now he is revelling in the new freedoms he has gained from owning his first Doro.

stephen with phone

Stephen, 67, is living life to the full in his retirement, and as well as enjoying time with his family, he volunteers at a local hospital and is chairman of his local tennis club.

He says: “My family all use smartphones as a matter of course, and I saw the enjoyment they were getting and the useful things they were able to do.”

“Buying a Doro, for me, was the perfect way in. Frankly, it is the best phone I have ever had. Being able to show my friends pictures I have taken of my grandchildren on the phone, sending or receiving them by email when I’m out—even checking the weather for tennis—I haven’t stopped playing with it.”



“I thought it would be difficult to learn how to use a smartphone, but it is all so easy with Doro"



Recently, Stephen’s youngest grandson, nine-year-old Sami, helped him to take his  first ever selfie! And now he has helped him set up WhatsApp. He said: “WhatsApp is great. I can message him or share pictures for free when I am on WiFi.”

He adds: “I thought it would be difficult to learn how to use a smartphone, but it is all so easy with Doro. And I have even taught myself how to use voice commands to send emails and text messages. I wish I’d got one years ago."


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