Great gadgets for the summer


28th Apr 2022 Technology

Great gadgets for the summer

With summer fast approaching and most people finally getting a chance to step out and travel, there’s surely some excitement in the air.

There are plenty of solo travellers who have been itching to go camping, see new places, and meet new people. There have also been a host of families waiting to take their kids camping and hiking. Holidays and trips with loved ones and family members that were postponed will finally come to fruition this summer.

Like in many other countries, in the UK, family summer trips are always things to look forward to with delight. When you’re travelling with pets and children, there are several things you should consider. Foremost are summer gadgets that can come in handy. Electronic items like refrigerators, stoves, cooling and heating, and some things that may not be readily available if you plan a camping or hiking overnight trip. These trips would need careful consideration.

Whether you’re planning a holiday or are staying at home and camping in your garden, there are several things that might make your summer easier.

Let us look at some great gadgets to help you overcome the sweltering heat and make your life peaceful.

Portable battery power station:

What are a few things that come up when you think of the summer? Heat and power cuts! Having a portable battery power station can help you cross this bridge easily. Portable power stations are safe from emissions, unlike gas-powered ones, and are safe for indoor use. Many of these units come with solar panels for renewable energy sources. In case of load shedding and power cuts, you can easily operate a pedestal fan to ensure enough ventilation.

Unannounced power cuts can quickly drain all your devices. With conventional inverters and generators giving up before the power is back up, you should switch to renewable sources of power backups. Clean, quiet, and renewable, solar-powered portable battery power stations can fully recharge in less than three hours of direct sunlight. The smart variants can also be controlled by an App that allows you to manage the energy flow as needed and come inbuilt with a battery management system that conditions and regulates the performance of the power station for optimized utility.

Noise cancelling headphones:

Investing in noise-cancelling headphones may seem like an expensive option right now. But can you imagine how useful they will be when you are travelling, and a child is crying next to you? If you are taking a solo trip, catching a train to your preferred camping spot, and you find yourself surrounded by a large family in your compartment, there is a high possibility you are not going to have any peace because of all the noise. Holidays and trips are meant to be relaxing.

Noise-cancelling headphones will help you stay calm while listening to your favourite music or podcast and ensure your temper doesn’t shoot up like the summer sun. There are plenty of excellent noise-cancelling headphones with iOS and Android compatibility, with and without cable (Bluetooth enabled), and some can even last 20 hours on a single full charge. These headphones can fold up to fit flat in your backpack or travel bag, are lightweight and are built to outlast the regular ones.

Portable speakers:

If you’re planning to enjoy the summer with friends and loved ones, there is a chance you may need some excellent music. Just subscribing to your favourite online music apps isn’t enough. You need to have a fantastic portable speaker for group listening. While hundreds of cheap ones are available on online marketplaces, it is best to invest in a good one with excellent after-sales service. If you’re at the beach and some sand gets in, you would need to ensure that your speaker is serviced by professionals and back to working order in no time.

Some of the Bluetooth compatible portable speakers have Apps to control the acoustics and volume. Many are water-resistant, with high durability for rugged trips and excellent battery life of up to 10 hours. These portable speakers come in varying sizes depending on your need – so you can find something the size of a small mobile or as large as a 1.5-litre water bottle.

Self-cleaning water pitcher:

Have you ever heard of a self-cleaning water pitcher? What better way to cool down in the summer than with a water pitcher that cleans itself! Self-cleaning water pitchers strip regular tap water of harmful chemicals and bacteria by nearly eliminating E.coli. The best part? All this happens within half a minute. With such clean water, you can easily taste the difference between tap water and cleansed water.

Advances in water technology have led to the excellent innovation of self-cleaning water pitchers that use advanced tech to get rid of cadmium, copper, chlorine, and mercury – all the horrible stuff – to improve the quality of water you are ingesting. You can easily beat the heat by staying hydrated with good quality drinking water.

Fitness tracker:

Whether you’re planning a hiking trip or are anticipating lazy days by the beach, having a fitness tracker is an excellent idea. Most people get out, walk, and get chores done during summers, and some even enjoy the heat! Fitness trackers are essential for tracking your heart rate, step counts, and daily calories burned. If you have any fitness goals for the summer, you can easily track them without going to the doctor.

Regular use of fitness trackers helps find patterns in your exercises and daily workouts and allows you to set achievable personal milestones. Keeping track of your daily water intake, steps walked, and fitness journey will work positively towards keeping you healthy this summer and ensure you take on this year with a bang.

Several other excellent gadgets will work in your favour this summer, like small portable fans, audio sunglasses, laptop coolers, mini drinks coolers, and more. However, when considering an investment in a gadget, it is best to think long term and ensure you get value for your money.

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