Getting The Best Deal When Selling Your Mobile

With technology advancing at lightning speed and new models coming onto the market every few months, it’s very easy to accumulate a mound of old mobiles in your cupboards and drawers.

Although statistics suggest that we’re hanging onto our handsets for slightly longer than we were a few years ago, many of us like to invest in the latest innovations and move with the times. If you’ve got a pile of phones you’re looking to sell, or you’re keen to swap your existing mobile for a shiny, new iPhone, here’s a useful guide to help you get the best deal. 

Selling functional phones

What to do if your phone is in good condition and it still works perfectly?

Modern-day phones are designed to offer both style and substance, and many of us find that we still have handsets that look the part and work perfectly when our contracts expire. If you have an Apple phone that is still firing on all cylinders, you can expect to command a decent price if you choose to sell. Some operators will offer you the option to exchange your phone when you upgrade and save on a new handset, or take advantage of a cashback offer. If you don’t want to do this, and you feel like you could earn more by taking a different approach, it’s worth searching online for companies that buy old phones. In many cases, you can enter some information about an iPhone, and you’ll be greeted with an offer price, which you can then choose to accept or reject. The price you are offered will depend heavily on the model and the condition of the phone. If you’ve got a relatively new phone, for example, an iPhone 8 or later, the price will be much higher than a quote for earlier models, especially if there are no marks, cracks or scuffs.

Another option that is worth considering is selling your old phone to somebody you know or asking social media contacts to share a post advertising the handset. If you choose to pursue this avenue, you can set the price, and you might also get your money faster. There is also the option of using second-hand auction sites and online marketplaces. 

Recycling broken phones

Can you really make money from retro mobiles?

Recent statistics indicate that the average person keeps their mobile phone for around 26 months. In recent years, the rate at which we upgrade has slowed slightly, but a phone is not a long-term investment. Many of us will admit to having a pile of old phones, some dating back to the days of flip covers and expandable aerials, at home. If this scenario sounds familiar, you might assume that there is no point in dusting off your phones and trying to make a bit of extra cash. The truth is that you won’t get a blockbuster offer like you would with a sparkling new iPhone, but every little helps. Recycling companies make offers based on the make and model of the phone, its age and its condition. Before you buy, it’s worth shopping around for the best deal and checking the small print. Some websites might alter the initial offer once you’ve sent the phone in. 

Tips for seamless selling

If you’re looking to sell your mobile, it’s natural to want to get the best deal and to find a means of parting with your phone that doesn’t take an age or cause you any stress. Here are some tips to take on board to make the process as simple and lucrative as possible:

  • Shop around and don’t accept the first offer: with the number of smartphones increasing year on year, the market for buying phones has become more competitive. It is estimated that 94% of adults now own a mobile phone. Before you accept an offer, shop around, get some quotes and weigh up the pros and cons of each option. Look for the best value for money, rather than the highest price. You might find that some companies add extra charges, for example.

  • Ask for recommendations and read reviews: before you sell your iPhone, take a moment to read reviews and ask friends or colleagues who have sold Apple phones in the past for recommendations. You want to make sure that you are using a trusted, reliable and reputable website. 

  • Don’t be afraid to challenge any changes in the quotes you receive: if a company makes you an offer and then alters the quote after you’ve sent in your phone, don’t hesitate to ask questions if you believe that the information you provided about the phone was accurate. 

  • Get an idea of the RRP before you compare quotes: the value of phones ranges from less than £20 to over £1,000, so it’s hugely beneficial to get an idea of what your phone is worth before you sell. Take a look at the price of second-hand phones online to see if the quotes you have are in the right ballpark. 


Mobile phones are an essential requirement for life in the 21st-century. With new phones emerging all the time, it has become increasingly commonplace to sell old mobiles and replace them with newer models. If you’re looking to sell, shop around, compare quotes and consider all your options before you accept any offers.

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