Dreame Smart Cleaners steal the show at CES 2022

Dreame Smart Cleaners steal the show at CES 2022

Forget about Christmas. January is the most wonderful time of year for tech heads thanks to the annual CES conference in Las Vegas.

After being held completely online last year due to Covid restrictions, the famous consumer electronics show was back bigger than ever between January 5 and 8 in a hybrid online and offline format. Growing to occupy the Las Vegas Convention Center’s west hall for the first time, the 2022 expo featured more than 2,100 leading tech companies, all looking to catch consumer eyes and set out their stalls for the year to come. Given the global upheaval and exciting tech advancements over the last two years, I dare say this was the most anticipated CES since its inception in 1967.

I’d pegged Dreame Technology as one to watch last year after the relatively young company positioned itself as a rising star within the smart cleaning industry. It was the flagship cordless vacuum cleaners T20 and V11 and the robot vacuum D9 that got tongues wagging in 2021. Highly innovative and effective, the models rightly won much media and consumer attention from across Europe, America and Asia, especially given the new emphasis placed on cleanliness in the pandemic era. Back again this year, Dreame did not disappoint, presenting a new range of smart robot cleaners to sweep away the competition.


The shining star for me this year is undoubtedly the Dreametech W10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop. All Dreametech products utilize advanced motor technology to deliver powerful suction, but this smart little house fairy goes the extra mile by also cleaning itself. While transforming your home with a combination of 4,000pa vacuum power and two rotating mop pads, the W10 automatically returns to its docking station when the pads are dirty. Here, the pads are sprayed with water and spun against small grooves to dislodge the dirt while a nozzle on the dock deposits the dirty water into a waste tank. When the entire clean is complete, this whole process is repeated before the mop pads are finally dried with hot air to prevent mildew and bacterial growth. I also love the way the W10’s D-shaped design hugs the walls and corners of the room — bye bye dust bunnies — and automatically detects carpets and hard floors. And, of course, it can be controlled via an app or Amazon Alexa. Trust Dreame to find a way to make robot cleaning even easier!

Also set to impress is the L10 Pro, a robot vacuum cleaner that uses Dreame’s latest LiDAR 3D navigation and SLAM anti-collision technologies to learn multiple floor plans, optimize routes and avoid objects to a whole new level. This clever little bot uses two lasers to make a real-time 3D map of rooms and their obstacles. Scanning at a radius of eight meters, it can recognize (and avoid) more than 100 objects, meaning the pre-cleanup cleanup is no longer a necessity. The L10 Pro also has great suction power (4,000pa), a long-life battery (150 minutes) and a larger dust tank (570ml). Most importantly for my household, however, a set of comb teeth in the brush module automatically untangles all of the sucked-up hair from the roller. There’s a job I’m not going to miss.


If you’re one of those clean freaks who still likes to do a bit of the work yourself, however, you’ll probably want to take a look at the Dreametech T30 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. With a pretty decent battery life of 90 minutes per charge, this upright vacuum with a handheld accessory can save power when in auto mode by detecting the amount of dust ahead and adjusting its suction accoridngly. The sophisticated mechanism spins at an impressive 150,000RPM, while the five-layer filtration system traps 99.6% of those pesky particles and stops them leaking into the air. Users can also enjoy geeking out with the onscreen cleaning reports.


Finally, those of you with mainly hard floors will be delighted to hear that Dreame has something for you, too. The H11 Max Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner is a lightweight cordless vacuum and mop in one. In mopping mode, the two-tank design sprays fresh water and cleaning solution onto the roller brush while removing dirty water into a separate tank, so you know you’re not just moving the dirt around. Yet again, this is a self-cleaning device, which I expect will become the norm for all smart cleaners going forward.

Dreame’s industry leading development in recent couple years has been stunning.  Including auto-intelligent factory built and branding opportunity development, take Borussia Dortmund partnership as example, makes this young brand catch up with its world-class competitors, even some of the tech-innovation fields are leading by them.

Dreame has been consistently impressive since its 2017 founding, boasting more than 150 core patents, including a high-speed motor, SLAM mapping, monocular machine vision and multi-cone cyclone separation. And with founder Yu Hao promising more innovation over the next five years, you can bet we’ll be talking about Dreame at CES again. Watch this squeaky-clean space!

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