Crypto Kang shares his views on crypto, financial freedom, and taking risks


16th Nov 2021 Technology

Crypto Kang shares his views on crypto, financial freedom, and taking risks
Cryptocurrency seems set to continue to rise. Here Crypto Kang gives his thoughts on cryptocurrency
While early investors certainly enjoyed the ride, it’s never too late to hop on the crypto train. However, doing so blindly could end up destroying you financially.
Those who are just getting their feet wet in the world of cryptocurrencies naturally find themselves looking for experts to guide them in their new venture. A quick online search will return an endless list of these so-called crypto specialists, but can you trust all of them?
Crypto Kang might come up in your search as well, but he’s nothing like the other influencers you’ll find online. Best known for his eye-opening YouTube videos, Crypto Kang is a persona that all started as a means of making fun of crypto bandwagoners. With so many people talking about crypto, how it made them wealthy overnight, and their methods for predicting market prices, Crypto Kang couldn’t ignore it and decided to offer authentic information that would actually be useful to his followers.

1. Crypto can lead to financial freedom

According to Crypto Kang, one of the best reasons to start investing in crypto is to create a path toward financial freedom for oneself. We learn that he began his crypto journey in the very early days, by joining a Bitcoin mining pool, leaving his laptop to do the works while he attended classes, making a bit of money on the side. But it was in 2017 that he truly realized the potential of cryptocurrencies as an investment vehicle.
Crypto Kang highlights the fact that the beauty of it right now is that anyone can invest in crypto with little to no barrier to entry. It’s not uncommon to hear people investing a small amount of money with ease just to get a taste of the crypto world. This is one of the hallmarks of blockchain technology, as there’s no need to go through a centralized institution.
And even if it might seem a little too late to start now, Crypto Kang says that the current market cap of Bitcoin shouldn’t prevent you from investing. Considering how small the crypto market is compared to the stock market, it’s easy to see the massive growth that still awaits cryptocurrencies. And according to him, there are several projects that have yet to reach their full potential. He goes over this at length during his livestreams.
2. Understand crypto can be stressful and involved in risk
One thing that makes Crypto Kang stand out among other influencers in the crypto space is that he doesn’t stop at giving general advice about crypto trading. He stresses to his followers the importance of maintaining good physical and mental health as well as information that helps them understand the world’s financial system, the powers that control everything behind the scenes, and the seemingly inconspicuous things that you should instead pay attention to.
For instance, he loves creating YouTube videos that remind his viewers about the importance of acquiring knowledge and planning long term, as it’s the only way to achieve financial independence. Being financially free means breaking the shackles of society and doing the things you want and deem right. Furthermore, he’s grown into one of the biggest crypto TikTok accounts precisely because his content doesn’t solely focus on crypto, and actively provides value to followers.
Finally, Crypto Kang explains that acting fast is more important than ever. Technology advances so quickly, but information moves even quicker. So the people who can adapt the fastest are in prime positions to take the top spot. Unlike the past, it is the fast fish that reign supreme in these times, not the big fish.
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