Cool Rules - Why 2nd-Hand iPhones Are So Popular


14th May 2019 Technology

Whenever you are thinking of purchasing an iPhone, there are normally two options that you have: you will either opt for a new one or go for a used or refurbished device. While a lot of people may opt for buying a new device, there is a growing number of consumers who have embraced the idea of buying used or refurbished iPhones and electronics in general.



Buying a new iPhone may come with the peace of mind whereby you are assured that the device is fresh from the factory. However, purchasing a second-hand iPhone from a seller who is reputable will also guarantee that you get a good device at a significantly lower price. Keep on reading to find out why second-hand iPhones have become so popular.

1. You Get Plenty Of Value For Your Money

We all know that iPhones are some of the most desirable and sought after gadgets out there. Most people desire to own an iPhone but are normally put off due to the significant cost that is involved in purchasing a new one.

Going for a second hand or refurbished iPhone, however, will significantly lower the cost of the device as compared to buying a new one. At the moment, new iPhones cost more than $500 and some even come close to $1000. A refurbished one can save you up to 50% off of the original price. These used iPhones also undergo a rigorous and refurbishing process that will ensure you receive a device that’s been through extensive testing and care. To take full advantage of this, make sure that you are buying the device from a reputable provider and you should also try to avoid pawn shops and online dealers who are not certified.

2. You Get The Freedom To Choose A Device That Works Well For You

If you visit most phone stores and network suppliers, you will find out that they are always trying to push and encourage consumers to buy the latest models. This is because that’s where they tend to make most of their money. However, if you go and read some reviews from people who have already purchased these latest models, you will find out that most of them are normally dissatisfied with some of the features they have to offer.

This goes on to show you that buying the latest and newest models doesn’t always mean that you get the best from the rest. Trying to shop within a wider selection of handsets will ensure that you get an earlier model that fits exactly into what you are looking for in an iPhone. However, you should ensure that you are getting the right model as per your requirements. If you are not sure about the model, try talking to someone who is experienced in this or you can alternatively search online in order to identify your model. Here you will find a table that will guide you in identifying your model and make it easier for you in the future when you are looking for replacement parts.

The bottom line is that with a second hand iPhone, you have the power to find something that is right for you instead of going for a latest and expensive model that you won’t end up being comfortable with.

3. Buying A Second Hand iPhone Contributes Towards Protecting The Environment

Despite the fact that a second-hand iPhone will help you in saving money, it is also good for the environment. A study by Apple has shown that a lot of carbon emissions of electronics occur during the manufacturing process. This means that whenever you purchase a used device, you contribute in the reduction of carbon emissions, at the same time you are also extending the life of that product; hence preventing it from ending up in the landfill as waste.

4. Phones Have A Longer Life Cycle Than You Think

There is a common misconception out there that phones usually have a short life cycle. The truth is that when professionally repaired, old phones will function just like new ones. Once repaired, the lifespan of these phones rises to a whole new level. This is normally done by replacing bad parts with new ones, and also replacing old batteries. It goes on to show you that the age of the phone will no longer matter after it has been professionally repaired and all the bad parts replaced.

As discussed in this article, buying second-hand iPhones is something that is on the rise in recent times and for a good reason too. When purchased from a trusted and certified dealer, you can be sure of getting a second-hand device that is as good as new at a relatively affordable price.


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