Christmas gadgets gift guide

Who doesn't love a shiny new gadget to play with on Christmas morning? Get inspired for those tricky-to-buy-for loved ones with our pick of the best Christmas gadgets around. 

Zoomer Chimp, £99.99 

zoomer chimp

This charming chimpanzee follows you around the room, stands up on his own and recognises commands—“stand”, “do a flip”, etc—through voice-recognition technology. And it doesn’t require bananas.

Available from Argos


Sky Q, from £44 a month 

Sky Q

With multi-room viewing, an integrated on-demand library, a compatible app and 2TB of recording space, you will never be short of something to watch.

Available from Sky


Under Armour HealthBox, £349

under armour healthbox

This has a wristband to count your steps, a set of scales to keep track of your weight and a heart-rate monitor to wear during workouts. It’s sleek and oddly compelling to use. 

Available from HTC


Rebel Tech Kit, £10

rebel tech kit

Sugru is mouldable glue that comes in a variety of colours. It’s manipulable like Blu-Tack, but after 24 hours sets to form rubber.

I’ve used mine to make a cable tidy that affixes to my filing cabinet. Useful.

Available from Sugru


Tabcat, £69.99

tab cat

For the cat lover in your life, Tabcat is the world's most accurate, effective and lightweight cat-locating device.

Offering the gift of peace of mind, this stylish tag and handset has a range of 400ft, meaning it can be used to track even the most adventurous moggy. 

Available from Tabcat


Ancestry DNA kit, £79

ancestry DNA

A great gift for those 'tricky to buy for' relatives, these compact and easy-to-use kits allow your giftee to discover the secret history of their DNA. With a simple spit test, the kit provides a personal ethnicity estimate, showing where their ancestors descended from for up to 1000 years ago. 

The test has the added benefit of potentially matching participants with relatives you didn't know you had—who knows, they could end up adding living relatives to next year's Christmas list!

Available from Ancestry DNA 


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