Changes in online gambling in the UK


23rd Nov 2020 Technology

Changes in online gambling in the UK

There is no doubt about the fact that this year, 2020 has proved rather different to the previous years we are used to. Online gambling and casinos, like every other industry, has had to address and question ‘What happens now?’ to their future and steps forward. All the best online casinos will make many alterations to their systems and structure yet, payment methods are one of the biggest changes to come. 

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On to the actual changes regarding payment methods, players will need to take note that credit cards are no longer permitted to be in use. This was established by the Gambling Commission in April 2020, which was very much in the middle of the peak of the pandemic. Usually the most popular form of payment within the online gambling world is credit cards and debit cards, however, due to a series of studies made by the UK’s Gambling Commission it made the law change for the benefit of gamblers. Approximately 22% of problem gamblers actually use their credit cards, as their main form of payment. 


As we all know, credit cards are an issue of small term loans from the banking system, which would mean that players can deposit beyond their means, ultimately causing the possibility of unsustainable gambling. The chief executive of the UKGC said it is very understandable how this first-hand move against problem gambling, is the most logical move forward for player protection.


Seeing the end of payment methods that involve the use and participation of credit means that payment options by the likes of PayPal, Prepaid cards and other electronic money service providers will come and take more of a centre stage from now on. This could see one of the largest and positive changeovers that online casinos have made yet to their gambling systems. Being that it is the time of a pandemic, where most people are at home, with less employment opportunities, this ban can stop people turning to credit casino payment options that they may not be able to sustain financially. As after all, this pandemic has seen a huge increase in people taking interest in the casino gambling world, more than any other time in fact; who can blame it? When lockdown procedures across the UK prevent people from going about their usual routines of work and socialising-the digital world has taken another level of importance and relevance.


Other changes that have happened

Many online casinos have taken it upon themselves to ensure that their sites are technologically and digitally up to standard. Now that the digital industry has only got bigger during the pandemic, casinos need to make sure their outputs are efficient for mobile casino usage, as well as the digital marketing that goes in to promote and advertise casinos. People have never given as much time as now, for internet pursuits, so this is an online casino's time to shine.


On the other hand, due to this being a casino's time for exposure, the UK Gambling Commission needs to make sure that players who are new and old to the scene of gambling within the UK, are as protected as possible. This therefore, may see to some tighter restrictions and regulations when it comes to gambling. These additional restrictions can be anything from enabling spending limits, to prevent players from going overboard, to additional prevention of international casinos; with no matching restriction ideologies from providing casino services locally within the country.


One thing is very certain from this period of time, more casinos have tried to hit the market as new casinos, and with the tighter monitoring and regulation from the UK Gambling Commission, this has prevented unsafe and untrustworthy casinos from targeting vulnerable players. Only the best online casinos, with authority and reputation within the market, will be accessible to players around the United Kingdom. This will ensure that player safety is prioritised before anything else, which believe us when we say this, you will definitely be thankful of, in due cause.