Can Trademark Registration Increase Your Brand’s Value?


27th Jun 2019 Technology

Most people will recognise the little registered trademark symbol that follows different company names, logos, or slogans. It is the small “R” that sits inside a circle and gets placed after the brand names you know and love.

But what is that little “R symbol for anyway? And how can you get one for your business? Here is a bit of information on what a registered trademark can actually do for your company as well as how you can go about obtaining one of your own.

Trademarks Distinguish Your Brand

First of all, having a trademark on your company name does wonders to set your brand apart from others. Even if other brands tried to come around and use a similar name, the registered mark next to your company name would beat out all other competitors. You will look more legitimate and serious as an enterprise and that can go a long way in securing loyal customers.

Besides setting your brand apart from the crowd, obtaining a sense of legitimacy is another huge factor that companies need to take into consideration. These days, it’s easy for entrepreneurs with little business sense to create companies and start promoting their brands.

This creates a lot of competition and even if your business is more stable than theirs, it’s hard to compete with such a saturated market. Having a registered trademark gives your brand that leg up on everyone else.

Once you secure that registered trademark, only you can use that brand or company name. Not only will it make you look as if you are a more serious and dependable business but it can protect you in court, as you will see below.

Trademark Registration Protects Your Company

Say that someone or a group of people decides to use your company name. Whether they do it knowingly or not, they are using a brand name that legally belongs to you.

By registering your trademark, either by yourself or through a specialised trademark registration attorney, you have more clout in court and your brand is protected in this infringement case. A registered company name comes in handy when it is time to take legal action against another entity and you will be glad that you took the time to register your brand name.

In addition, a registered trademark allows you to use that brand name nationwide, granting you more validity in the market and among consumers. Over time, you can become more easily recognizable and consumers will have an easier time distinguishing you from other companies or start-ups with a similar name. That registered mark will protect you against wannabes or competing businesses while also securing your reputation in the business world.

If you plan on operating in multiple countries, it’s also a good idea to consult an international trademark registration attorney, such as the well-known Bonamark, to see whether a trademark would need to be registered in the concerned countries.

Registering a Trademark

Obtaining a registered trademark for your company name, slogan, or logo (or all three) is much simpler than it sounds. In fact, lots of people are able to complete the application process within ten minutes or so.

If you are serious about securing your brand’s name and delving into a committed business relationship with your enterprise, then a registered trademark is definitely the way to go. All you need are a few documents to apply for nationwide recognition as a trademarked business.

One word of caution is to double- and triple-check that no other company has your chosen brand name already registered. Not only is this embarrassing but it could lead to legal actions taken by the already established enterprise.

Moreover, if you apply for a registered trademark for an already existing company name, not only will you be denied but you will not be able to get a refund for your application fee. As long as you make sure that your company name is unique and currently unregistered, then you can confidently move on with the trademark application.

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