Can Smart Home Tech Boost the Value of Your Property?


6th Apr 2021 Technology

Can Smart Home Tech Boost the Value of Your Property?

Take a look at the home technology that really could increase the asking price for your house. Technology upgrades will add value to your house. If you are looking to put your house on the market, then you are sure to be aware of the various things that can add value to the property.

Replacing tired flooring and kitchen units, giving the place a fresh lick of paint, even trimming the trees in the garden – all these tips can help you bump up your selling price.

But what of home tech? Homeowners are increasingly getting on board with smart devices that can do everything from managing the grocery list to connecting people together in virtual spaces, for example at new Canadian online casinos like the ones at www.new-casino.ca. So, is there any smart home technology that is worth investing in if you want to add value to your home? We investigate.

Home voice command tech

Virtual assistants are very pervasive in homes across the globe, but can they help to sell a house? The answer is probably not – at least not alone. Home hub tech doesn’t usually transfer from seller to buyer, so at first glance it doesn’t seem like it could be a selling point. However, some market research suggests that active voice assistants help to impress potential buyers by showing the property to be up to date. Even if the seller is taking their voice command hub away when they move, having it there during property showings definitely helps to build a favourable impression. Controlling any other tech in the home via the hub is also the best way to showcase what is there.

Home Security

This is probably the most significant of any home tech addition, and the one that will add the most to the asking price. A smart home security system can include many different elements, such as smart locks and doorbells, cameras and motion sensors, and alarm systems. Through these, the home can be monitored day and night, even when the occupants are away. Many are also linked with local law enforcement for extra security.


Installing a smart lighting system in the home has a number of benefits, and can add significant value to a home. For a start, the LEDs used can cut lighting energy use by a massive 75%. Buyers love to hear that their electricity bills will be considerably lower than with traditional systems. Beyond the savings, smart lighting can completely transform a home. With just the tap of a button or a voice command, the mood and ambience can be changed. Choose from a huge variety of colour, temperature and brightness to create the perfect atmosphere. Lighting also ties into security, as you can set the system to mimic your presence at home via the lights, even when you are not there.

Smoke and carbon minoxide detectors

Monitors that detect smoke from fires or carbon monoxide leaks are standard in practically all homes today. Unlike regular monitors, smart detectors can alert homeowners through their mobile or tablet wherever they happen to be. Installing them may even reduce home insurance costs.

Smart solar

The initial outlay may be quite high, but a smart solar system will add several thousand to the value of your property. Solar panels can be connected to a device that works as an energy monitoring and management system. This helps users to get the best from their solar panels and use the energy generated in the most efficient way possible.

Damp sensors

Avoid costly water and mould damage and make maintenance a breeze by installing damp or moisture sensors. The effects of humidity and leakages are not always immediately obvious, and by the time they show up the repair costs can be high. Moisture sensors alert you as soon as there are changes that need attention, allowing for early intervention which solves problems before they even start.