Best new tech gadgets to get this autumn

Best new tech gadgets to get this autumn

From headphones to household appliances, via portable power stations, these are the best new tech gadgets we're obsessed with 

Positive Vibration Xl Anc Over-Ear Headphones, RRP £149.99

If you’re in the market for new headphones and want to try something a bit different, House of Marley could be the brand for you. An eco-conscious company that was created with the Marley family to carry on Bob Marley’s legacy of love for both music and the planet, they create stylish, timeless audio protects that are better for the Earth.

We tried out the Positive Vibration XL over-ear headphones (in pink—but you can also get them in black and copper) and were blown away by the sound. With great audio clarity, mighty bass, bright treble, and effective noise cancellation, you get a lot of quality for a really decent price.

Made with wood and recyclable aluminum, the headphones weigh quite a bit but it’s not to say that they’re uncomfortable. The foam ear cushions fit around the ear snugly, and the underside of the headband is equipped with lots of soft padding so you don’t feel any pressure even after hours of listening.

Offering 32 hours of playback with noise cancelling switched off, and 26 hours switched on, the headphones will get you through multiple days of listening to good music without charging. And when you finally do, the quick-charge technology will allow you to gain a two-hour playback boost after just 15 minutes of charging. It’s an all-round bargain for us.


Audio-Technica ATH-ANC300TW, RRP £189.99

And if over-ear headphones aren’t your thing, you can’t go wrong with Audio-Technica’s latest offering which marries everything you might want from a solid in-ear set at a great price: a practical design, powerful sound and pure comfort.

The headphones feature fantastic noise cancelling which you can set to three different modes: “aeroplane”, “on the go” and “study/office” which you can control through an app. Also included are four different sizes of ear tips.

But the most important thing here is the sound, naturally. It’s lush and balanced, with a pronounced but subtle bass that will sound equally great on both a classical or a reggae track. You can also customise the sound to your liking via the equaliser on the app. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a pair of wireless headphones that sound as good as these.


DOOGEE S97 Pro, RRP £217.19 - 242.06

Now here’s a phone that gadgets heads and adventurers alike will adore. The wide, sturdy S97 looks indestructible, and, well, it pretty much is. Featuring a heavy-duty utilitarian casing, including some rubberised plastic and metal plates on the sides, this rugged smartphone can take a lot of physical abuse. Using advanced sealing technology, the phone is dust- and water-proof, and thanks to 360º shockproof protection, you can drop and scratch all you like, consequence-free. The S97 will remain intact even when dropped onto concrete from up to two metres, meaning it’s perfect for tricky outdoor situations or if you’re simply a bit clumsy.

Next stop—cameras. The S97 boasts a whopping four sensors to cater to your every photo need. The main camera is an impressive 48MP Quad camera that delivers almost twice the number of pixels than 8K resolution. Accompanying it are the 8MP ultra-wide-angle camera, a 2MP macro camera to capture those tiniest details, and a 2MP portrait camera that generates stunning, Instagram ready selfies.


And one of the coolest features? A laser ranger finder, which works up to distances of 40 m and is great to have if you’re into DIY, handiwork or just like to know how far stuff is located from you.

Finally, the S97’s battery life is very impressive, providing a standby time of 624 hours, 40 hours calling time, 37 hours of video time and 27 hours of gaming, making it the ideal partner during all activities, lasting up to three days in total.

Is it the phone for you? If you like them light and petite, probably not. The massive battery and rangefinder make it one hefty gadget, yet it’s still easy to hold and use thanks to the smooth, rounded corners.


Proscenic 850T Self Charging Robot Vacuum Cleaner, RRP £239

Bound to please both neat freaks and housework haters, Proscenic’s robot vacuum cleaner will improve your everyday life no matter what your relationship with tidying the house is. Just turn it on and let it do its job while you get on with your day.

Equipped with high-quality brushless motor, this handy little machine ensures thorough cleaning by effortlessly picking up dirt, pet hair and dust. Also featuring an electronically controlled water tank and dustbin, it allows you to mop and vacuum simultaneously.

The vacuum cleaner is super easy to use and you can control it via an app, Google and Alexa voice command, or a compact remote control that comes with it. The app will of course allow you the biggest variety of options, such as setting up cleaning paths, scheduling cleaning plans, adjusting suction levels and changing cleaning modes, meaning you’ll end up with a pretty independent housework partner in the end.


BLUETTI PowerOak AC200P Portable Power Station, RRP £1,999  

Travellers, adventurers and all kinds of off-grid living enthusiasts will fall head over heels for this mighty solar-powered power station.

The very first thing that’ll strike you as you unpack this compact little beast, is its stylish and meticulous design. Sleek, smooth edges, an understated black-and-blue colour scheme and a touchscreen display all make this piece of kit a real looker. The foldable solar panels are tastefully packaged in canvas cases that also act as stands: all you need to do is unfold them, and they’re ready to go.

Describing the AC200P simply as “powerful” would be doing it a disservice. With a battery capacity of 2000Wh/540Ah, up to 3500 charge cycles and 13 AC/DC/RV/USB output ports, it’s more than just a dependable travel companion—it’s a potential lifesaver in an emergency scenario that'll last a good few days without charging. We tested it out on a five-day camping trip, charging everything from speakers and laptops to phones and hairdryers and came back with a solid 25 battery per cent left—impressive! 

The power station can be used for charging up to 13 devices at the same time, so you could be charging your phone (via one of its two wireless charging pads, if you wish), laptop, refrigerator and hotplate all at the same time!


If using the solar panels, the power station can be fully charged in an impressive four hours. For situations where you’re in a hurry though, you can charge it simultaneously with power from a wall socket, allowing you to do so in just two to three hours.

A reliable, robust and multifaceted product, the AC200P is a long-term investment that’ll save you a considerate amount of money on electricity, ensure your comfort in the most extreme situations and become an inseparable pal on many a journey.

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