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A Peek into the Future from the Consumer Electronics Show


1st Jan 2015 Technology

A Peek into the Future from the Consumer Electronics Show

The not-yet-on-sale highlights from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas—the world’s biggest exhibition of new gadgets. Technology expert, LBC presenter and Answer Me This! podcaster Olly Mann reveals the latest must-haves.

Samsung Bendable TV 3D

TVs flopped, so firms are now cranking out curved screens—promising a more “immersive” experience. The problems are that you can’t hang them on the wall, and you need to be sitting in the middle to see the full benefit. But this 85-incher allows you to switch between a flat or curved screen at the touch of a button.


Intel Edison


Remember when PCs and phones got smaller each year? Then “phablets” came along and, with them, the current vogue for ever-larger displays. But computers continue to shrink and this one is the size of an SD card. It means that in the future we’ll have “smart” trainers, tops and jewellery that don’t need to hook up to a phone to look for a Wi-Fi connection or store data.


Sony 4K Handycam


You may already have a 4K TV, which displays four times the resolution of HD—but there’s hardly any 4K content actually to watch yet. So why not shoot your own? The most compact 4K camera yet, this is as accessible as you’d expect from a Handycam, and it could cost less than £2,000.


Oculus Rift Crystal Cove (now MetaQuest)


The internet’s been geeking off about these virtual-reality headsets for two years now. We still don’t know when they’ll be available, but we do know they’ll have head tracking that allows you to lean into gaming environments; not just look left, right, up and down.

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