8 must-have gadgets for your home or business in 2019

Sponsored Content 22 May 2019

In 2019 it is quite popular to upgrade your home with new tech and gadgets. It isn’t uncommon to find at least a couple of smart home devices in any home you may visit. It is much easier today to find gadgets that assist with your home living or business efficiency. Technology is growing exponentially and as time goes on more and more simple items will be getting some kind of intelligence. From your light systems and blinds to your TVs and appliances, creating smarter devices create an easier life.

You may not want to create a smart home, but some devices will increase the order of your business. It is important to think about how you can revolutionise your home to keep up with today’s technology. If you do want to create a home that is smarter, you will be surprised at how many gadgets are available for you out there. Make sure to research the items you may be needing or considering adding to your home. 

  1. Amazon Echo

The voice-activated and talking speaker, Amazon Echo, is one of the first devices used to create a smarter home. It connects to the voice-controlled system called Alexa and can be used to play music, set your alarms, play your audiobooks or stream podcasts, and even gives you almost any kind of factual information when asked.

Amazon has many variations available for your needs. Whether you need a smarter thermostat like the Echo Spot or an improved auto system with Echo Auto. If you want something similar to the original echo but smaller, go with the Echo Dot to make your smaller rooms like bedrooms smarter. Maybe you may want to add some extra viewing devices to your home, opt for the Echo Show which allows you to stream media or use video calls. With over 10 specialized devices and accessories, Amazon Echo systems are the go-to for creating a smarter home. 

  1. Nest Thermostat

The Nest Thermostats are becoming more and more prominent in new homes being built but also homes that need an upgraded thermostat system. Because this device helps you save energy in your home or business it is looked at as almost a necessity in 2019. With the app, you can control the temperature of your home with your cell phone. 

The Nest system also monitors your actions and motions to give you the best home temperatures while saving energy and money at the same time. The design of the Nest thermostat is simple, circular, and attractive to the eye. This device also works with other Nest devices seamlessly and offers the opportunity to further the intelligence of your home.

  1. Streaming devices

Everyone streams content and media, whether it be music or movies and TV shows. We all enjoy being able to search through hundreds of thousands of content to find our favorites or find something new. Streaming devices like Amazon Fire Sticks, Rokus, and even smart TVs, allow us the opportunity to access streaming apps to watch our favorite shows and movies using apps and services like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

There are many options to choose from and when you do your research you can find the best device for your needs. If you already have a smart TV there is no need to get a streaming device like the Fire Stick. With most of these devices being compatible with high resolutions like 4K and HD, they’re almost always sought out to complete a smart home or business. If you need assistance with setting up your devices or with any kind of issues, sites like Troypoint stand out for having extreme numbers of aides and articles to help you along the process. 

The best streaming devices for your home include:

  • Roku
  • Google Chromecast
  • Amazon Fire TV Cube
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire Stick 
  • Nvidia Shield TV

  1. Sonos Speaker System

If you enjoy surrounding sound or want to listen to music all throughout your home, getting the Sonos Speaker System should be ideal. With it’s easy to use speakers and many services supported, many people have adapted their homes and businesses with Sonos. 

They offer many different size speakers that you can put in different rooms for the best sound. They also give you the chance to start small and add more speakers to your system if you want to be smart about spending. Sonos is also compatible with Alexa so if you want to play your music, you can through voice command. 

  1. Robot Roomba 980

Remembering to sweep and vacuum your floors can be hard, especially if you’re extremely busy or lazy. The iRobot Roomba does the sweeping for you while you’re away from home or lounging on your couch. This device stands out for its ability to get your floors cleaned well and how it remembers it’s way around. 

More and more people are opting for the new vacuum system to make their homes smarter and lives easier. The iRobot can maneuver between carpet and hard floors, unlike other smart vacuum systems. This device will complete your home and allows you the satisfaction of knowing your floor is clean.

  1. Smarter Coffee Maker

For those morning birds or coffee lovers, a smart coffee machine is greatly beneficial. You can brew your coffee from your phone with the Smarter Coffee Maker, or voice control your coffee when you connect to the Amazon Alexa system. It is easy to set up and easy to control as it contains a simple set of buttons. Start brewing your morning coffee from your bed with this smart device.

  1. Nest Hello

Along with the Nest thermostat system, Nest has many different devices that help you create a smarter home. The Nest Hello system works like a doorbell and give you the security of a camera. Knowing exactly who is at your door makes a safer and more intelligent home. You will find these kinds of doorbells on many new homes being built as they are the new way of answering your front door.

  1. Samsung Family Hub

You’d be surprised at how many appliances are becoming smarter to make our lives easier. To find an appliance like the Samsung Family Hub is trouble-free as more and more people opt to have intelligent appliances to complete their home. With this futuristic refrigeration system, you will have the opportunity to control temperatures, play music, sports, or even check and post on your social media.

With the large screen on the front, you can even see what’s exactly inside your refrigerator without even opening it. You don’t have to worry about not knowing what you need when shopping at the grocery store because you can check your fridge from your cell phone.