8 Best instant cameras for 2023

BY Joshua Joda

19th Jul 2023 Technology

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8 Best instant cameras for 2023

If you're after a quick snap if you're out and about, these are the instant camers for you

The history of the polaroid camera goes surprisingly far back—to the 1940s specifically, but camera technology has come a long way since then. But now with summer in its stride with festivals, gigs and outdoor events galore, it’s no surprise that an instant camera may prove an easy choice for taking a quick snap and getting a photo printed in seconds.

Also, in an increasingly digital world, it can be a nice touch to have physical ownership and memories which can’t quite be replicated within apps. Here are a few brilliant instant cameras to choose from.

Instax Mini 12

Instax Mini 12

Made by Fujifilm, the Instax Mini series of cameras is ideal for taking quick snaps and getting high-quality credit card sized photos. The Mini also comes with built-in flash, a close-up lens and selfie lens for taking those perfect shots.

The camera comes in a range of bright colours, including pastel blue and clay white.


Polaroid Go

Polaroid Go

Famous for their cameras, Polaroid do still make instant cameras in the modern day, with the Polaroid Go evoking a retro and classic look. The Go comes with autofocus as well as a self-timer for effectively capturing the moment and producing quality Polaroid photographs for you to keep.

It also comes in a range of funky colours, if all black or white isn’t your preference.


Instax SQ1 camera

Instax Sq1

Also in the instax range is the Square 1, a compact instant camera that’s great for taking selfies and also features auto-exposure—allowing you to take photos with ease.


Kodak Printomatic

Kodak printomatic

The 5MP Kodak Printomatic can produce great looking photo prints in an instant, with up to 25 prints on a single charge and support of a microSD card with storage of up to 256GB.

It’s simple to use and has automatic flash for taking photos, which you can stick just about anywhere with handy sticky photo paper provided on the back of the prints.


Instax Mini 40

Instax mini 40

Coming just in a single but vintage black design, the Instax Mini 40 is a solid option for quick instant snaps, featuring a one-touch selfie mode and a more traditional looking camera 60mm camera lens.

It’s also small enough to fit comfortably in your bum bag or pocket to take a quick snap if you’re out and about.


Kodak Step Touch camera

Kodak step touch camera

Functioning as a fully fledged camera and printer which can also print photos from a connected smartphone, the Kodak Step Touch is a fun piece of kit that’s perfect for any creatives out there.

It has ten times optical zoom, as well as a selfie mirror and it prints full colour inkless photos, which you can customise with filters, borders and more.


Instax Mini Evo

Instax mini evo

The Mini Evo hybrid camera and printer, a compact device with a 28mm lens that’s capable of letting you review and edit photos before printing them.

Also featured is a rear 2.7-inch LCD screen for viewing what you’re shooting, a Micro SD card for extra storage   and the ability to print from your phone via Bluetooth.


Canon Zoemini S2

Canon Zoemini S2

Baring a resemblance to a digital camera (but smaller), the Zoemini S2 is functionally similar, with an 8MP camera, as well as a built-in mirror and a ring light for taking great photos/selfies.

The camera can print ten shots with the Canon photo paper and you can use the Canon mini print app (available on the App store and Google Play) to edit photos.


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