7 Best iPads you can buy today


31st Jan 2024 Technology

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7 Best iPads you can buy today
There are several iPads of various size and type out in the market. These are some of the best ones currently available
Technology is constantly evolving and upgrading and Apple is one of the prime arbiters of the advent of annual iterations in the industry. Among their flagship products is the iPad and understandably so, as it’s user-friendly, has a wide range of features and is highly durable.
Here are seven of the best iPads you can buy on the market today.

iPad (2022)

2022 iPad
The last edition of the ten-inch iPad has many features that the tablet has come to be lauded for. This includes 64GB of RAM, a ten-inch liquid retina display for high-definition viewing and a 12MP ultra-wide camera.
New and welcome changes include USB-C connection for charging and accessory use, touch ID for authentication and Apple Pay, and the use of Wi-Fi 6 for fast connectivity.

iPad Pro (2022 11-inch)

2022 iPad Pro
The iPad Pro has remained Apple’s workhorse tablet—powerful machines that can effectively double up as small laptops (at only 11 inches). The latest iPad Pro has USB-C connectivity with support for thunderbolt and USB 4 connection, a 12MP front and a front and back ultrawide camera.
Notably included is the M2 chip, a CPU which has recently been featured in both iPads, MacBooks and the Mac Studio. As well as access to Apple Fitness+, which gives you access to fitness and wellness content, on top of several workouts.

iPad Air (2022)

2022 iPad Air
If you want an iPad with more power than the standard iPad but don’t need something as powerful as the iPad Pro, you’d usually go for the Air, if you want a normal size tablet. Featuring many of the same basic features as the 2022 iPad, you get a sizeable 256GB of storage space and iPadOS14 as the operating system.
Also included are 2K visuals with the tablets display at 2360 x 1640p resolution, coupled with the liquid retina display for low reflectivity, true colours and clear visuals.

iPad Pro (2022 12.9 inch)

2022 iPad Pro - 12 inch
This model of the iPad Pro is the largest iPad that Apple has made to date, with storage sizes ranging from 128GB as standard, up to a whopping 2TB.
With its large size and powerful processing power, the iPad Pro serves its purpose as a more than capable machine. It’s fast and great for general use, video editing and more complex computer programs.

iPad Mini (2021)

2021 iPad Mini
For fans of speedy and capable iPads that aren’t too big, the iPad Mini will always be the tablet of choice, only coming in at around eight inches. The Mini still boasts a ten-hour battery life, landscape stereo speakers, touch ID and the A15 bionic chip which powers the device.

iPad (2021)

2021 iPad
The slightly older iPad is still a solid option, with a standard storage capacity of 64GB (which can go up to 256GB) and 2160 x 1620 resolution.
The 2021 iPad is noticeably smaller at ten inches but it also features true tone for displaying natural, realistic colours and is powered by Apple’s A13 bionic chip.

iPad Air (2020)

2020 iPad Air
The 2020 iPad Air can be used either by Wi-Fi or with a combination of Wi-Fi and cellular (using mobile data on the go). The 4th generation Air is just under 11 inches, running on iOS14 and is powered by the A14 bionic chip.
Also featured is wide stereo audio, the use of Wi-Fi 6 and a 7MP front HD camera.
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