7 Best e-readers for 2024


2nd Nov 2023 Technology

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7 Best e-readers for 2024
If you find e-readers convenient for reading on the go, these are some of the best ones currently available 
Technology has replaced a lot of traditional items that may have once or still exist in the household—like your standard paperback book.
Books are still popular in physical form and millions of people enjoy reading them, but e-readers are a great way of storing potentially hundreds or thousands of books in one handy device and have quick access to them.
E-readers are also great for travel and save suitcase space.

Kindle (2022 release)

Image of a kindle e-reader
The latest edition of the Kindle is a well refined and efficient model, with a six-inch screen and high-resolution for text, making for a clear and crisp display. It also has an extended battery life, as well as 16GB of storage that can conveniently fit thousands of books on it.

Kindle Paperwhite

Image of a Kindle Paperwhite e-reader
The Kindle paperwhite reader is a larger version of the Kindle, also coming with 16GB of storage. This model comes in three different colours, has an adjustable light setting and 300ppi glare-free display, to emulate reading as if you were looking at real paper.
The Paperwhite is also IPX8 water-resistant, allowing you to relax and read books whether you’re in a pool or your bath at home.

Kobo Libra 2

Image of a Kobo e-reader
One notable thing about the Kobo e-reader is its shape and design, being asymmetrical with rounded edges, it looks like half of a book page. The Kobo offers glare-free reading on a seven-inch HD screen, with a fully IPX8 waterproof design for peace of mind and a sizable 32GB of storage to boot.


Image of a Pocketbook e-reader
The PocketBook reader is easy on the eye and has a colourful display, it supports audiobooks and has a handy text-to-speech function. Plus, it has a front light you can comfortably read on it at any time of day without worrying about glare spoiling your experience.
The device has a long-lasting battery designed to give you weeks of reading and is powered by a dual core processor for fast navigation.

Kobo Clara 2E

Image of the Kobo Clara e-reader
The Kobo Clara has a more conventional e-reader design than the Libra 2, coming with a 1072x1448 HD display and 16GB of storage. It’s good to note that the Clara 2E is also eco-friendly, made from over 85 per cent recycled plastic.
Lastly the Clara also an E-ink Carta 1200 touchscreen that’s designed to adjust brightness and colour for optimal, comfortable reading, ideal for reading indoors on a cold or wet autumn/winter night!

Kindle Oasis

Image of the Kindle Oasis e-reader
The Kindle Oasis is one of the larger models in the Kindle series, coming with a seven-inch screen and 8GB of storage. It has a slightly elongated but ergonomic design for comfortable reading and page-turning buttons.
You’ll get standard Kindle features with the Oasis, including Audible connectivity, Bluetooth pairing and the option of a Kindle unlimited subscription.

2022 iPad mini (6th generation)

Image of an i-pad mini
While not strictly a dedicated e-reader as you can do anything else a tablet can do with an iPad, the iPad mini remains a great choice. With its small eight-inch screen and a HD liquid retina display, you’ll be able to read e-books smoothly and in comparatively high-resolution.
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