6 Best VR headsets for 2024


24th May 2023 Technology

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6 Best VR headsets for 2024
If you're looking to dive into the virtual world, these are the headsets you should consider buying 
As technology progresses and more of our free time is spent in digital spaces, it seems logical that virtual reality and VR headsets may well be the next big step in mass entertainment and recreation. Though in 2023, we’re not quite at the level of Ready Player One just yet, with people essentially living in virtual spaces.
However, the reality is that VR already allows for very immersive experiences, gaming as well as practical work applications. The Metaverse itself is long talked about virtual environment that may or may not be the next big thing.
With all of that said, if you want to join in with millions of people worldwide enjoying themselves in virtual spaces, these are the headsets you should be looking for.

Meta Quest 2: a great all-rounder

Metaquest 2
Meta Quest, formerly known as the Oculus Rift, is probably the most well-known VR headset to date. The headset itself is fully standalone, meaning you don’t need an accompanying PC or games console to use it and games are stored inside the device. You can fully immerse yourself in 3D to play games, watch concerts and even attend virtual spaces with other people online.
Metaquest 2 comes in 128GB and 256GB storage sizes, with several accessories you can get to enhance your experience if needed. An advantage of the headset is its price point, which is lower than its competitors—alongside its standalone capability.

PlayStation VR2: best for gaming

PlayStation VR 2
Released just this year is PlayStation VR2 or “PS VR2”, Sony’s upgrade on the PlayStation VR. Naturally, it’s made to work with the PS5 console and makes use of the console’s VR library for unique gaming experiences. Also featured are the VR2 sense controllers with haptic feedback to bring the sensation of touch into virtual spaces.
PS VR 2 includes spatial tracking, which follows your movements and two 4K OLED lens displays in the VR headset for sharp and high-quality visuals while you play.
 Note: Requires PS5 to function.

HTC Vive Pro Premium: the best high resolution VR headset

HTC Vive Pro
The HTC Vive Pro series of headsets are high performance and premium in the VR space, with the Pro Premium being no different. Featuring Steam VR room tracking, to map out a room effectively whether you’re standing or sitting using the headset.
Included in the headset is a dual OLED display, alongside spatial, noise-cancelling audio for full immersion.
Note: Requires a PC to function.

Valve Index VR: the best for PC gaming

Valve Index VR
Made by game developer and publisher Valve, the Valve Index is a premium offering for VR. It’s made to a high standard with an ergonomic headset, high refresh rate and two high resolution LCD displays with a wide field of view for smooth virtual experiences.
It also features some of the better controllers for ease of use in different games as far as VR headsets go. Plus, with Valve owning the steam gaming platform on PC, you’ll have access to a large selection of games to choose from.
Note: Requires a PC compatible with Valve Index.

Meta Quest Pro: for high-quality virtual and mixed reality

Meta Quest Pro
The Meta Quest Pro is a sleeker and more premium model in the Meta Quest series, made for gaming as well as working with mixed reality functionality. A more comfortable headset will allow you longer usage, while detailed and responsive controllers open up room for drawing and designing in virtual spaces. You can also get additional accessories for more immersion, including a light blocker, charging dock and Pro VR headphones.

HP Reverb G2 - a great VR alternative

HP Reverb G2
Coming in at a price point more comparable to the Meta Quest 2, the Reverb G2 made by HP is an innocuous-looking headset that has strong technical specifications. Including a replaceable magnetic face cushions and an adjustment feature, it allows you to change the width of the lenses for comfortable use.
It’s easy to set up, with high-quality lenses developed by Valve and high-fidelity speakers to immerse you in experiences, whether that’s for work in its mixed reality setting or primarily for gaming.
Note: Requires PC to function.
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