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5 top gadgets for October

BY Olly Mann

1st Jan 2015 Technology

5 top gadgets for October

Gadget guru Olly Mann has selected the best gadgets for October 2015.

Coravin Timless Three+, £249.99

Coravin 1000

Wine boxes have something of an image problem. They last for ages and keep oxygen out—but are redolent of student parties, where alcohol is judged by its quantity, not quality. But how to ration finer, bottled booze out over several occasions?

Step forward the Coravin, which sits atop your bottle, injecting it with argon gas, yet leaving the cork in place. When you want a glass, just push the button to pressurise wine out from the spout. It preserves taste brilliantly—but handling compressed gas once you’ve had a few can feel a little hairy!


Playbulb Garden, £39.99

Playbulb garden

Now solar-charged garden lights are affordably available in every garden centre, how do you go about pimping your patio? By synchronising your lights with your smartphone, of course.

The Playbulb X app connects up to five of their flying-saucer-shaped LED lights via Bluetooth, so you can control the colour, intensity and ambience of your outside space from the comfort of your sitting room.

After much experimentation, I’ve settled on a slightly dulled neon pink glow, automated to switch on at 9pm each night. It’s like the Playboy Mansion has come to Hertsmere. 


Foreo Luna 3 for men, £104

Foreo luna

If you, or the man in your life, still swears by soap and water, there’s no chance in hell I’m convincing you to buy one of these.

If like me however, your bathroom cabinet houses as many exfoliants as you’d find in Elizabeth Taylor’s luggage, this “anti-ageing” device (it targets wrinkles) may well become the latest addition to your morning routine.

Apply cleanser, then rub Luna’s soft silicone surface around your face for a minute, and its 8,000 pulsations help unclog your pores and remove dead skin cells. My skin felt noticeably smoother, and shaving noticeably easier, in the aftermath.


Apple app of the month: Great Little Place (GLP), free

Apple app great little place

Tired of tourist-trap establishments but don’t know where locals would recommend?

GLP provides a directory of “great little place” neighbourhood bars and restaurants, uploaded by fellow users, based on your location.

Swipe left to skip to the next suggestion, or swipe right to add a venue to your shortlist. Then click “phone” to dial up and reserve a table. 


Android app of the month: Drivenow, from 35p per minute

Drivenow app

The app accesses your location to reveal nearby Mini or BMW i3 vehicles available to rent, which you unlock using your phone, hire by the minute, then abandon in any parking bay in the catchment area (currently just in London).

The only catch is an actual human has to verify your documents and post a membership card before you can hit the road.

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