5 Things that companies can do to prevent a cyber attack

After the past year’s unprecedented surge in remote working, cyber-attacks have become an increasing concern for companies - the FBI claiming cybercrime reports had risen by a staggering 300% since the coronavirus pandemic began. 

It’s become more vital than ever for companies to raise awareness to the importance of cybersecurity throughout their teams. Various measures can be taken to help prevent cyber-attacks in a company, and here, we take a look at the following 5:

  • Two step password authentication
  • Use a VPN
  • Have a penetration test
  • Put security policies in place
  • Conduct training sessions for staff

By implementing the 5 things listed above, companies can help to further their protection against cyber-attacks.

Two step password authentication

One standard practice for protecting data in a company is to implement a two-step password authentication process. With this process, users are required to prove their identity with two methods of verification in order to access accounts. 

An example of this is when users trying to access an account will have to provide the password for this, as well as a code that has been sent to a designated, trusted device, before being granted access. 

This authentication process for passwords is a great way of adding a simple additional layer of security to a company’s accounts.  

Use a VPN

Another useful tool to have in place, especially for companies with employees working from home, is a Virtual Private Network (or VPN for short). A VPN can help employees to connect to the internet without having to worry about exposing their (and their company’s) data. 

Cybercriminals can often target public WiFi to steal information off of its users. This can make company data vulnerable when employees access such services. 

However, when using a VPN, data from users is encrypted, keeping it safe from any prying eyes wanting to gain unauthorized access to it. 

Have a penetration test

A penetration test, or pen test, can be an excellent way for companies to check for vulnerabilities in their computer system. With this type of test, the company’s computer system will undergo a simulated cyber-attack, whereby an attempt will be made to breach numerous application systems to find and raise awareness to vulnerabilities in these. 

The results from a pen test can then be used by companies to fine-tune their security, helping to prevent against an actual cyber-attack from occurring. There are several companies that offer this service starting from around £1,000 for a basic test, including the likes of Jumpsec and Redscan. 

Put security policies in place

It’s important to check that the company also has strict and clear internet security policies in place for their cybersecurity. These policies can help guide employees in how to conduct their work safely to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks compromising the company’s system. 

Such security policies can include guides on when and how to share data acceptably, how to access internet sites safely and how to use computers and other devices.

Conduct training sessions for staff

Alongside implementing and raising awareness to the company’s security policies, it can also help to conduct cybersecurity training sessions with your staff. It’s crucial to ensure that staff are educated on how to not only avoid cyber threats to the company, but also how to identify and manage them.

By educating staff on cybersecurity and raising awareness to its importance for their company, you can help to create a strong layer of defence against cyber-attacks.   

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