6 Smart watches that'll make your phone jealous


1st Jan 2015 Technology

6 Smart watches that'll make your phone jealous

Are smart watches taking over? If you've had a hankering to buy a smart watch but are not sure which one to buy, help is at hand. We investigate 5 different types of smart watches and what they can do for you.

The Sporty watch

Sony SmartWatch 3 SWR50 (£150)


For those who live an active lifestyle, the Sony Smart Watch 3 just might be the smart watch for you.

This watch boasts a broad range of capabilities, from music playing to GPS tracking. But it’s main focus is fitness. Along with monitoring your heart rate, tracking your location, and monitoring your health and fitness routine, this watch allows you to send and receive messages, download apps and has voice search. It is available in a range of colours, is water resistant and light and comfortable to wear. It's an Android watch which means it needs to be paired with an Android phone to work. 

For more information visit their website or buy here


The fashionable watch

Omate lutetia (£169)


There aren’t many smart watches out there dealing in style, most companies just release the watch in a variety of block colours, hoping that that is enough freedom of expression for the consumer. Omate have come out with a range of new smart watches, aimed at the more fashion conscious. They offer customisable straps and and a variety of styles to choose from. This smart watch isn’t just a fashion statement though. It can be paired with your android or iOS phone and although it does indeed tell the time. This watch has maps, voice control, email notifications, music and much more.

You can buy a Lutetia watch from the Omate website 


The Budget Watch

Pebble Watch (£99)


If you’re looking for a watch that boasts quality and style without breaking the bank then the Pebble watch is for you. With it’s timeless design and simple colours it looks good whether you’re on the beach or in a meeting. It has the usual range of capabilities, from receiving emails and notifications to checking the weather and music control. It also has up to 7 days of battery life and is waterproof. If you’re on a budget, this watch might be just up your street.

You can buy the Pebble watch here 


The All-in-one watch

Apple watch (approx £223)


Introducing the one, the only, God of all smart watches - the Apple Watch! This watch has been the talk of the tech community since the corporation first announced the release of the very first Apple Watch. The watch can be paired with your iPhone to recieve phone calls and has a beautiful sleek design. Features include facebook notification pop ups, emails, apps, siri, music, gps tracker, heart rate monitor and much more. This watch is a watch that does it all. It caters to those who love to keep active to those who love the newest and latest gadgets and will probably be the hit release of 2015.

The release date for the Apple Watch is said to be early 2015, which may mean next week or next month. But what is certain is that this is a smart watch to look out for. Sorry Android users, this one isn't for you.

For more information visit the Apple store 


The Kiddie watch

FiLIP 2 (£149)


Maybe they’re too young for a smart phone, or maybe they’re just a little bit careless and might lose it? If you want to keep track of your young ones but don't want to invest in a phone there is a smart watch out there that is just the ticket. It’s a wearable phone and locator for your child when they’re out and about. It connects to your phone via the FiLIP app so that your little one can call you if there is a problem and vise versa. There are lots of games and apps that they can interact with too. It receives text messages and has an emergency button which can be pressed to immediately contact you. It comes in a range of funky colours and can be worn open or closed to fit comfortably on your child’s wrist. All in all it's the perfect safe gadget for your little one to wear.

You can find out more about the FiLIP2 by visiting their website

Garmin vivomove Style Bluetooth Smartwatch

  • Brand: Garmin
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Model Collection: vivomove
  • Model Name: vivomove Style
  • Price: £259.99

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