5 reasons your blog isn't getting enough traffic


15th Dec 2020 Technology

5 reasons your blog isn't getting enough traffic

Do you know what is best in life for a blogger? To receive a steady flow of traffic on their blog. Unfortunately, traffic is sometimes hard to come by. Do you know the reasons? The biggest culprit is probably your reluctance to invest and spend money on your blog. 

Yes, yes, yes, we know we mentioned the "M-word" already, and you probably don't like that. Sorry, but the truth is that you gotta spend money to make money from anything you're doing in life. 

Although we intend to point out a couple of reasons why your blog's been struggling to gain traffic in this post, you'll eventually notice that the solutions to these problems actually revolves around money.

So, we strongly recommend that you embrace the idea of investing richly in your blog.

That said, here are the reasons you aren't getting traffic.

Your content aren't providing actual solutions

Blogging is all about content.

If you're not getting enough traffic, then the chances are that your content aren't different from those of the blogs next door.

Ask yourself: am I just repeating the same content on my competitors' blogs, or am I providing new ideas and solutions to people's requests?

If you're writing what is already on other people's blogs, you can expect that people will not be so motivated to come to yours.

To create the sort of content that Google will rank you for, and people will share with their friends, you need to spend time researching new solutions for your audience's pain points. 

You're targeting the wrong keywords

There are more than a thousand ways people can frame a particular question when searching on a search engine. In order to ensure you appear in the faces of these people, you need to always use the commonest keywords they use in their searches in your content.

For example, someone can search on Google for "how to bake cake for beginners." Another person can search for a "step-by-step guide for beginner cake baking." And another can just write, "how can I bake a cake."

One thing that's common with all these queries is: "they're all about a beginner who wants to start baking."

It may be hard to guess how different people in your industry will search for a problem/question. But with a premium keyword research tool (which you pay for), you can get some good ideas on the best keywords to write your content with.

Poor SEO tactics

Good SEO implemented by an SEO specialist = higher rankings on search engine result pages = greater traffic.

Unfortunately, lots of bloggers – out of reluctance to spend – still think SEO is something they can DIY.  But guess what? DIY SEO is one of the reasons why your site isn't attracting enough traffic. 

Search engines have evolved from their days of "keyword stuffing" and "wishy-washy link building strategies" that you can easily do by yourself.

Nowadays, it takes a high level of expertise to optimize a blog to be of Google's standards – standards such as mobile optimization, site speed, high-quality and authoritative backlinks, and content optimization.

Note: You can find an SEO specialist for your blog's needs on seoservicescanada.ca, an SEO company Oakville.

You aren't getting quality backlinks

Did you know that one of the biggest social media management companies in the world – Buffer – kickstarted its content marketing campaign by publishing nearly 150 guest posts across relevant blogs. 

Intriguingly, this effort alone gave them their first 100,000 customers.

Amazing, right?

Now, as a blogger looking for traffic for their site, you may want to try a guest posting service, too.

How it works is that you create a content, fix a link to your blog somewhere in it, and then publish the content on a popular industry-relevant website.

If the website where you published your content is reputable enough (quality backlinks), Google will credit you with a higher position on its SERPs, thereby making you more visible to searchers. Hence more traffic.

And in addition, your blog/content will also be exposed to every reader visiting that site, which means more traffic.

Poor content promotion strategy

Although search engines are the most effective place to get traffic from, they're not the only place people visit.

Internet users also use social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. They also use online forums like Quora, Reddit, Pinterest, and other niche-specific social groups.

So, I we ask you: how many of these platforms are you promoting your content on?

Not too many, we guess.

Alas, it's time to start promoting your content on all digital platforms that are relevant to your niche.

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