5 Online Games to Play in 2020

Games have brought us many joyful moments for as long as we can remember. Through playing games, we've laughed, bonded with the people we love and even unleashed our competitive side. 

But now,  you don't have to rush out and buy a board game. There are several fun and engaging online games you can play with your family and friends.

Below are 5 exciting free online games you should play before 2020 comes to an end. 

  1. Heads Up

Heads up is an old party classic game where players hold a piece of paper against their head and try to guess what is written on it by asking questions. You can now ditch the pen and paper and play the game online by downloading the app from AppStore or Play Store. 

The game comes with 18 themed decks packed with exciting gameplay cards. The themes include; 

  • Celebrities

  • Movies

  • Characters 

  • Animals

  • Accents and so much more.

Heads up are ideal for anyone from the age of 12. It can be played by 2 or more people. 

How to Play Heads Up

Download and install the app on your phone/ tablet. Open the app, select a category and hold the device up to your head, and you can guess the words based on your friends' clues. It's that simple! 

  1. Psych

Psych is a game designed to outwit your friends. The goal of the game is to trick your fellow players into picking your wrong answer for the trivia questions asked. You get points by either selecting the right answer or psyching your friend to guessing your made-up answer.

The game comes with various categories from which players can choose from. 

How to Play Psych

Download the app on your device. Everyone in the room has to take a turn in making up fake answers to a real trivia question. You'll then be presented by a list of possible answers, including the one you entered. 

Are you ready to psych your friends? Grab your phone and try it out! 

  1. Spyfall

Spyfall allows you to live your spy fantasies as an FBI detective. In the game, someone in your department is a spy for the enemy. Everyone in the department has been brought in for questioning. Your goal is to question each player and unravel the spy. 

4-10 people should play the game. Each player must have a smartphone, tablet or computer. 

How to Play Spy 

The spy is selected randomly from the group of players. Each player is given a location card apart from the spy. The person who started the game (game leader), questions another player about the location. The game continues until the round is over and the spy is unveiled.

If you love spy or investigative movies, this is the game for you. 

  1. This is Your World 

This is your world is a great trivia game for anyone looking for an educative yet fun game. This quiz game aims at revealing truths about the world. 

Heard about Warzone games? It is pretty similar to the one stated above and has more advancements like warzone boosting service.

How to Play This is Your World

Download the game from AppStore or Play Store. Collect 200 cards from different corners of the world. You then have to compare the cards against trivia questions such as 'Who has the bigger economy? California or Italy?' To win the game, you've to place your cards into a list of countries. 

  1. Drawful 2

Drawful 2 is an online version of Pictionary where fellow players have to guess what your sketch is about. You can play it online or download the app on your device. 

How to Play Drawful 2

A player is presented with a word phrase. You then have to sketch a drawing representing a concept of the word. Your fellow players then have to guess the word phrase from the picture. 

Drawful 2 is a ridiculous game that will lighten the mood. 

Ending Note

You now have a variety of free online games to choose from the ones listed above. Pick one, and let the fun begin!

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