5 Gadgets to make you feel cultured

BY Olly Mann

1st Jan 2015 Technology

5 Gadgets to make you feel cultured

These exciting new gadgets designed to enhance photography, music and how we learn. Olly Mann has rounded up five of the best. 

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX80


The retro trend has dominated compact-camera design for a few years now, but this tanned leather Lumix might just be the most attractive one out there.

Don’t let its 1960s looks deceive you, though—it includes every feature you could possibly require from a state-of-the-art snapper, including 4K video capture, dual image stabiliser and simple editing software.

You can also operate the shutter from your phone, for a sophisticated selfie. Class

Griffin I-Trip Clip


Apple’s iPhone 7 has much to recommend it, but its lack of a headphone jack was always going to be controversial: what are you supposed to do with all your expensive old headphones?

The iTrip is the answer: a little adapter you can clip to your clothes, thereby turning any set of wired cans into bluetooth-connected wireless ones. Just plug your headphones in, pair your phone, and hey presto: your headphones are wireless.

It still would have been easier if Apple had just included a headphone jack, though...


Lofelt Basslet



Isn’t it funny how “feeling the bass” is now considered a desirable part of listening to music, rather than a fast pass to tinnitus?

Still, if you seek good vibrations from your choons, the Basslet is the wrist accessory for you: stream your favourite songs through your smartphone, and it pulses along so you can feel the beat through your bones.

Stand in a packed commuter train, yet feel like you’re in a nightclub. That’s the idea, anyway. It’s a bit odd that they didn’t add a watch to it, since it’s worn on your wrist, but, well, it’s a bit odd anyway.


Apple App of the month: V for Wikipedia



Let’s be honest, Wikipedia looks a little dull on mobile. This app spruces it up with a variety of clever features, such as pinpointing your location on a map and directing you towards articles about the area around you.

Pretty photo filters and easy bookmarking tools enhance the experience, so you’ll keep learning for longer.


Android App of the month: Hoop



I was ranting on Twitter the other day about how I never find out about parent-and-baby screenings until after they’ve already been and gone. Then a load of parents messaged me about Hoop.

It’s essentially a listings guide for parents of young children, which locates events happening in your ‘hood, from stay-and-play sessions to pram-in-the-park picnics. Useful—I might tweet about it.

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