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Manuka Honey: A Winter Wellness Wonder

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Manuka Honey: A Winter Wellness Wonder
As winter wraps us in its chilly embrace, it often brings with it sniffles, coughs and colds. However, there’s a buzz around a product that has the ability to help keep winter illnesses at bay and soothe sore throats - the sweet sensation that is Manuka honey.
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Originating from New Zealand and derived from the nectar of honeybees pollinating the elusive Manuka bush, this particular honey is a limited resource. It also contains particularly high levels of a unique, naturally occurring compound, called Methylglyoxal (MGO). Scientists advocate MGO for its potent antibacterial properties, with higher MGO levels translating to enhanced benefits.
So, while honey has long been cherished as a remedy for coughs, colds and sore throats, Manuka honey takes the crown with its unparalleled concentration of MGO, elevating its health benefits above and beyond conventional natural remedies.
It’s also rich in antioxidants, has antibacterial and anti-infl ammatory properties, and is a natural source of energy - all particularly helpful to ward off those winter chills.
Manuka Doctor knows all about this golden wonder. They’ve been in the UK for over a decade selling the biggest range of high-quality Manuka products, meaning they’re the go-to hive of information on the benefits of Manuka honey.
So why not give it a go? It could well be the natural wonder that helps revolutionise your winter wellness routine.

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Image of a 500g jar of Manuka Honey
Enjoy a large 500g Jar of Manuka Doctor’s 55 MGO honey for ONLY £15. That’s better than half price, and you’ll also get FREE UK DELIVERY.
Simply visit www.manukadoctor.co.uk/winter to claim this fantastic offer today.

Who is the Manuka Doctor?

Welcome to the buzz-worthy world of Manuka Doctor, a privately owned family company hailing from the pristine landscapes of Auckland, New Zealand, with a legacy dating back to 1901. As a leading exporter of authentic Manuka Honey, the globally recognised Manuka Doctor brand has spread its sweet goodness far and wide.
Based in the heart of Leicestershire, the team has made it their mission to effortlessly cater to UK customers through convenient mail-order and telephone services. You can also find them gracing the shelves of the UK's largest health-food chain, Holland & Barrett.
What sets Manuka Doctor apart is their commitment to quality and authenticity. Proudly New Zealand-owned, they oversee a staggering 60,000 individual bee hives nestled across the North and South islands, covering a sprawling 11,000 hectares of land—all originally owned by their visionary founder.
The uniqueness of their supply chain lies in the ability to trace every batch of honey back to its origin, right down to the hive site where it was crafted. Their dedication to purity and strength is validated through rigorous laboratory testing conducted in New Zealand before the precious pots of Manuka Honey embark on their journey to the UK.
Once on British soil, they take no shortcuts. Every batch undergoes a second round of meticulous testing at a Government laboratory in York. This ensures that each Manuka Honey's MGO rating remains true to label, guaranteeing the purest and most potent product possible.
Indulge today in the goodness of Manuka Doctor, where every drop is a testament to their unwavering commitment to quality, authenticity -  and your well-being. Experience the sweet essence of nature, brought to you from New Zealand's pristine landscapes to your doorstep. Your journey to wellness starts with Manuka Doctor—because your health deserves the best.
Visit www.manukadoctor.co.uk/winter to claim your 500g jar for ONLY £15
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