A subscription to What on Earth! Magazine makes the perfect gift

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7th Dec 2023 Shopping

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A subscription to What on Earth! Magazine makes the perfect gift
Do your children or grandchildren spend too much time on screens and not enough time reading? Research from The National Literacy Trust Reading Trends Report 2023 shows there was a reduction of 16.7% in the number of children aged 8 to 11 who enjoyed reading in their free time this year, with the percentage falling from 67.5% in 2005 to just 56.2% in 2023.
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Many of us will remember the enjoyment of shared reading: being read to and reading aloud with our parents and grandparents. Reading at home provides a powerful shared experience between parent, grandparent and child and can help turn children into life-long readers.

How to encourage children to read

So how do you encourage your child or grandchild to read – and to get them off their screens?
The key is to find topics that genuinely interest them. While some children like stories and fiction, many other curious young readers are naturally drawn to amazing facts about space, animals, life on Earth, history, inventions, discoveries, art, sport and a thousand other non-fiction topics.
This insight – that factual information can be a powerful pathway to a lifelong love of reading and self-discovery – inspired the creation of What on Earth! Magazine, a fun and fascinating non-fiction magazine for children aged 7-14.  
“For many children the real world is far more amazing than anything you can make up. Tapping into this natural sense of wonder and curiosity about the world we live in lies at the heart of What on Earth! Magazine which is designed to develop a lifelong love of learning through reading.”   Christopher Lloyd, Founder and CEO, What on Earth Magazines Ltd
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So whether they’re an avid animal lover, a budding inventor or a technology whizz, they will find plenty inside each issue of What on Earth! Magazine to keep their brains buzzing.
Every month, they’ll enjoy:
  • Factopia – follow the trail of hilarious illustrations and crazily connected facts
  • What on Earth! – astonishing photos from around the world
  • Eureka! – fascinating inventions, discoveries and scientific breakthroughs
  • Features – from what it takes to become a spy, what’s inside a shark, and which inventions changed the world
  • The What on Earth! Family Quiz – test your family’s knowledge with our quiz
  • Absolutely Everything – an epic serialisation of the true history of the universe
  • Ask the Experts – your chance to ask world-leading experts your burning questions
  • Puzzles, games, jokes and riddles
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"I learn a lot from the magazine and I love all of the activities. I can't wait for my next one." Arabella, age 8
"Our son reads it every time it comes in the door. It’s a terrific magazine.” Natty, parent
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A gift subscription starts from just £26.99

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Ignite a child’s curiosity and passion for knowledge. A subscription to What on Earth! magazine makes the perfect gift for curious kids aged 7-14 years.
Every issue is packed with amazing facts, extraordinary feats, inspiring true-life stories, Eureka moments, stunning photos, quizzes, puzzles and so much more!  Keep avid animal lovers, budding inventors or tech whizzes engaged and entertained.
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