7 thoughtful gifts for book lovers


8th Oct 2023 Shopping

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7 thoughtful gifts for book lovers
A book is a great gift, but a true book lover will appreciate the accessories that come with reading. Here are 7 thoughtful gifts for a book lover that aren't just a book
A book is one of the best gifts that you can give, but there’s a lot more to reading that just books themselves. What if the friend you are buying a gift for wants to read while their partner is sleeping? Perhaps inspiration might strike while they are reading, and they might need somewhere to write down their thoughts.
There are so many gifts that are great for book lovers, that aren’t just books, and can solve these problems. Here are 7 great gift ideas for a friend who loves books.

Gritin Reading light

Sometimes on a sleepless, late night a book can be just the thing to put us back to sleep. This reading light clips onto the top corner of a book, lighting up the page without the need to turn on a room’s main lights. Your partner, then, can carry on sleeping while you read. This clip on light gives off a warm, soft light, allowing a reader to gently go back to sleep without being awakened further and dazzled by bright harsh light.

Leuchtturm1917 notebook

When we are reading, inspiration can strike at anytime. If your friend is a big reader, they probably have an active imagination or an interest in learning. This Leuchtturm1917 notebook has 251 high-quality pages for your friend to write down all of the ideas that their book will give them.
"When we are reading, inspiration can strike at anytime"
It comes in a range of colours too, so you could buy one in your friend’s favourite colour, and its sleek, professional design means they can take it to work with them too.

Doeworks book trolley

We’re all looking for more creative ways to decorate our homes and to store the things we love in our houses. A book trolley can be a great way to creatively decorate your home, as it can add an industrial, minimalist feel.
"A book trolley is an exciting and creative way to store books in your home"
Books can be slotted into each of the trolley’s shelves and the trolley’s wheels allow it to be easily transported around a house. It’s a great gift to bring some life and creativity to a home, so it’s perfect for people both young and old.

Hoobro bookshelf

If your book-loving friend prefers something more classic than a book trolley, then buying them a bookshelf can be a good gift. Buying your friend a bookshelf doesn’t have to mean your gift is boring though; it doesn’t have to be a bland bookshelf relegated to the corner of a room.
This HOOBRO Tree Bookshelf can put books to the front-and-centre of a room. The wooden shelves will give the room a rustic feel, while its modern design will keep your friend’s house feeling contemporary.  

BonnyCo book lamp

If you have a child who loves reading, then encouraging their imagination is so important. This book lamp allows them to read in bed. The lamp is shaped like a book and has glowing pages, like a magical book from a fantasy novel. It’s a great tool for both making reading easier and for showing the magic of reading.

UpUDo bookmark

A bookmark is an absolute essential for any reader. Without a bookmark, we are forced to crease the corner of a page which can ruin the book’s appearance.
"A bookmark is an absolute essential for any reader"
The bookmarks in this pack of 12 are all magnetic, allowing you to clip them onto a page without worrying they will get lost or crease the page. They also come in a range of muted, pastel colours which means they be paired with any book.

Kememo tote bag

When we go for a day out, often we take a book with us for the train or the bus journey. A tote bag can hold your books, while keeping you stylish and up-to-date with modern trends.
Tote bags are the bag of the 2020s so far, being used by everyone from students to office workers across the country. This black corduroy bag can be paired with any outfit for a stylish, indie fit.
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