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10 Fun gift ideas for the gamer in your life

BY Joshua Joda

20th Feb 2023 Shopping

4 min read

10 Fun gift ideas for the gamer in your life
Here are a few generous gifts that should brighten up any gamer's day
Modern gaming is not something to be ignored, it’s one of the most popular and highest revenue-generating entertainment industries in the world, larger than the film and music industries. Some of the biggest triple-A game releases make massive amounts of money in a matter of weeks.
Though if you know gamers, they can be very particular in terms of their interests, influenced by what type of games they like. For instance, you may want to keep up with trends and avoid the cardinal sin of buying an Xbox game for a PlayStation gamer or vice versa. But with that being said, here are a few fun items that will appeal to a wide variety of gamer interests.

PlayStation Classic

Playstation classic
The PlayStation one recently received a modern makeover, with this mini version of the console that’s around 45% smaller. It comes pre-loaded with 20 classic games including Final Fantasy VII, Ridge Racer Type 4 and Tekken 3.
It’s a brilliant gift for longtime PlayStation fans or new generations of gamers who want to experience some PS1 oldies. Also included are two wired controllers, a virtual memory card and a HDMI cable for connecting to a TV or monitor.

Wired Switch Pro Controller

Wired Switch pro controller
This wired controller is a great buy for Nintendo Switch users, allowing for more accurate and familiar control of games, if someone prefers a different type of controller.
Also featured is a 3.5mm jack for headset use when gaming online—and a variety of Nintendo themed interchangeable faceplates, with customized colours to mix up up the look of the controller.

Do not disturb gamer light

DND gamer night light
You can gift the gamer in your life this vibrant 3D illusion lamp, it comes with 16 available colours to choose from and you are able to cycle between them for variable ambience. It can be touch controlled or remote controlled and comes with an auto-off timer for saving energy.

Xbox Game Pass ultimate three month membership

Xbox game pass ultimate
Xbox Game Pass is a comprehensive offering for Xbox gamers. It’s a membership that allows access to hundreds of games for the price of one subscription. The Xbox Game Pass allows access to the latest games across a variety of different genres, so there’s something for everyone.
Also included is Xbox Live Gold, allowing gamers to indulge in online fun with their friends.

Gaming mug

A gaming gift doesn’t necessarily have to be technology based or purely digital, so if you wanted to go the non-tech route, this customised china mug is a great shout. It’s a fun custom-designed mug that makes for a fun gaming themed gift and an addition to someone’s home crockery.

Logitech G432 gaming headset

Logitech gaming headset
For hardcore online gamers, a good headset is about as crucial as a good diet is to a boxer and the quality of a headset can really affect a persons gaming experience. You’re in luck with this Logitech device—it’s lightweight, with a USB and audio jack, plus a flip to mute mic and convenient volume control to accurately communicate with teammates online.
And with 50mm audio drivers, you’ll be able to get immersive, detailed audio keeping you alert and in the game.

PlayStation store gift card

Playstation store card
The joy of a gift card is that it gives the giftee the free choice to get exactly what they want and the PlayStation store gift card does just that. And in terms of the card itself, you can go with a higher or lower value depending on how much you want to gift, from five pounds to £90.
The code itself can be redeemed in the PlayStation store to buy games, add-ons or subscriptions.

Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros console

Game & watch super mario bros - console
This modern recreation of the Game & Watch console—credited with helping to shape gaming as we know it today, is a holy grail to retro game afficionados. It is based on the iconic gaming system made by Nintendo from 1980, which was only released in Japan.
This version also features a coloured screen, allowing you to play the Super Mario Bros game with a more modern aesthetic. Plus, the console can conveniently fit in your pocket, allowing for easy gaming on the go.

G-LAB backlit gaming set

LED keyboard
An efficient gaming keyboard and mouse combination has become a crucial part of the modern gaming ensemble for PC gamers, with the need for responsive keys and comfortable design. This gaming set puts together everything a gamer may need with a precise keyboard, responsive mouse and headset.
It also doesn’t hurt to have a bit of personality with your device, as both the keyboard and mouse come with an array of vibrant colours to light up a room when gaming.

Pokémon mug

Pokeball moulded mug
There’s a reasonably good chance that you know a Pokémon fan, if you’re not one yourself. And that’s not surprising—as the series is hugely popular and recently became the highest-grossing media franchise of all time.
This ceramic Pokeball mug should do the trick for just about any fan of the franchise. It’s a quirky homage to the series and may just become the most unique mug your giftee has!
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