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10 Fun Christmas gifts for the little ones

10 Fun Christmas gifts for the little ones

Some fun gift ideas for kids this Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and naturally, you’re probably already fully in gift-buying mode, with a lot of things to potentially choose from for your friends and family. Choosing gifts for the youngest members of the family is maybe one of the easier parts of the holiday season, but it’s still worth putting some thought into what to get and—hopefully some of these ideas will prove worthwhile.

For Lego fans - Lego Santa’s Gingerbread house toy set 

You can’t really go wrong with Lego as a kid’s gift so indulge the festive spirit with this fun Santa gingerbread house set for toddlers. It should be more than enough to keep your kids occupied and could make for a great, simple present or stocking filler this holiday.


This fun - Bear backpack for kids

Why not gift this fun and thoughtful backpack this year? You can personalise the bag to add the name of your child. This text is available in several different colours, as is the bag itself—it’s a simple one but a nice bag that’s great for pre-school.


Peakode night light projector

This nifty projector can illuminate a room, filling it with stars that also come in a range of different projection modes to alter the colours to brighten up any setting. Other features of the projector include music that plays from the device itself and a remote control for easy use.


Pictionary with a twist - Air Pictionary 

You may have played Pictionary in the past, but this is a slightly different version - it’s now more interactive as you draw images in the air, as people guess what you’re making as they watch on the screen of a smart device. You can also cast the game onto a TV with a streaming device for more laughs, fun for the whole family for the holidays or a game night.


For Marvel fans - Avengers watch

If there’s one thing children love—it’s Marvel, so why not get something for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) lovers in your family with this no frills watch. It’s one size fits all and also comes with a torch, plus a digital time display near the centre.


Remote control spinning car

Engage your kids’ imagination and allow them to perform stunts and tricks with this nifty remote-controlled car, with a wireless control joystick and LED lights.


For some creative fun - Origami paper animal art kit 

Get the little ones involved in a bit of arts and crafts with this fun origami set, with easy-to-understand steps on how to create colourful animal shapes, it’s great for a simple Christmas gift to keep your kids occupied and creatively engaged.


A funky music playing dance mat

This musical mat could be great fun, being anti-slip and made with a soft material for extended use, it features several different sounds and a button to switch between them. Meanwhile the colours, drawings and patterns on the matt can also help the child’s active development, by recognising colours and animals as they play.


Gilobaby interactive smart robot

This battery-powered smart robot could be a fun companion for your little one this holiday, moving around and rotating when it’s head and ear areas are touched. And it can also dance and speak—repeating what’s spoken to it or in its own unique robot language.


For Star Wars fans - Luke Skywalker & Grogu set 

Let your kids feel the force and this holiday season with this fun, detailed toy set inspired by the Star Wars Show, The Mandalorian—featuring Luke Skywalker, Grogu and Luke’s iconic X-Wing that they can both fit in, the set also comes with a detachable lightsaber.


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This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you.

This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you. Read our disclaimer

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