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10 Fantastic gift ideas for Father's Day

BY Joshua Joda

7th Jun 2023 Life

10 Fantastic gift ideas for Father's Day

As we get nearer to the big day for fathers worldwide, here are some great Father's day gift ideas to give you a bit of inspiration

Father’s Day is fast approaching and with it, families everywhere will be looking far and wide for the ideal gift to get for dad. And while the obvious choices may be something like a deodorant and face wash gift set or a new razor, there are nice alternatives if you wanted to go that route.

Here are some fun and thoughtful choices—things to give your dad a laugh or surprise this Father’s Day.

Coffee lover gift box

A more unique and great choice for any lover of coffee, this gift box features five different types of organic and fair-trade certified coffee from around the world. This gift will allow your dad to become his own barista at home and brew their coffee to their ideal taste. It contains enough coffee for ten cups with easy-to-follow steps.


Multi-tool pen set

It may be a common dad joke that they love tools, but there’s a good reason why you’ll see a lot “Tool gifts for dad” lists in the lead up to Father’s Day. This is the perfect and easy-to-use multi-tool gift for a DIY-obsessed father. This device comes with screwdrivers, bottle opener, ruler, flashlight and more—all of which are handy in several situations.

It’s also made of sturdy materials for long-lasting use and small enough to fit in a bag or pocket for convenience. 


Aerlang massage gun

You may already be familiar with massage guns or have one yourself—they’re handy devices that are brilliant for quick, easy and focused relief from aches and pain. This Aerlang massager comes with six different massage heads (for targeting different muscles) and an LCD screen on the back.

It can be used for up to six hours from a full charge and it comes with 20 different speed settings, allowing for everything from a gentle massage to more intense massing of your muscles. Even more conveniently, it functions at quiet levels so no one will be disturbed when it’s in use.


Father's Day keyring

Who says that a good Father’s Day gift has to break the bank?  This metal keyring proves that the thought does count, featuring three miniature tools attached to it, alongside a main Father’s Day message. The key ring itself is durable, as everything is attached with double rings for extra security.


Knee brace with massager

Show your father you care about supporting him this Father’s Day (in a very literal sense) with this smart knee brace. It comes with adjustable heat levels and three levels of intensity, which can be controlled via the touch screen located on it.

It’s great for targeted joint relief and works just as well on shoulders and elbows, to provide relief to different parts of the body.


Huawei Watch GT3

If they’re not already familiar, you can introduce your dad to the world of smartwatches with the Huawei Watch GT3. It’s also a wearable fitness tracker that’s made for tracking sleep and monitoring metrics with several different workouts. Also included is an Oximeter for measuring blood oxygen levels and a heart rate monitor.

It comes with a personal AI running coach for dynamic and tailored advice.


Quirky Dad joke T-shirt

Straightforward and to the point, this fun T-shirt is a nod to the concept of the iconic dad joke, which we’re all too familiar with. So it’s a nice way to pay homage to your father and his irresistibly cheesy one-liners.

Note: May encourage more dad jokes.


Vintage motorbike sculpture

Made from high-quality iron, this handcrafted motorbike collectible is simple but timeless homage to motorbikes. It's great for any motor vehicle enthusiasts out there and small enough to comfortablly sit on a desk or shelf as part of a display.


RFID blocking wallet

RFID blocking wallet

You can help to keep your dad’s cards both safe and stylish with this RFID blocking leather wallet, which comes with 11 card holders, two ID windows and a coin pocket. It also comes with two bank note compartments and an orange interior to contrast against its bold, carbon fibre exterior.

The wallet also comes with a small gift box to present it in and a free postcard to write a personal message if wanted.


Memory foam slippers

We all know a good pair of comfortable slippers is a classic dad staple and this pair will hopefully add to his collection.

Plus, with an ergonomic memory foam insole to mould to your feet as you wear them—they’re made with an open back for easily slipping into and taking off. Perfect for a laid back and relaxed time at home, they also come in eight different colour combinations.

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This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you.

This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you. Read our disclaimer

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