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Free £5 cashback with Plum

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Free £5 cashback with Plum
We've partnered with Plum, the smart money app that has been embraced by over 1.7 million individuals, to help transform the way you invest, save, and take control of your spending; Plum can offer you support on the path to financial freedom.
Find out more and kickstart your money management today.

Reader Offer - £5 cashback

Sign up here today and you’ll be eligible for a free £5 cashback if you have £100 in your Plum account after 90 days  (Ts&Cs apply).
For more information on Plum visit https://withplum.com/legal/terms.html
Capital at risk if you invest.
NB. Plum are not a financial adviser and do not provide financial, legal, tax or any other advice. They are not responsible for ensuring your Plum Wallet or your Plum Account has sufficient funds for your needs, purposes, or transactions. They do not make any representations, warranties, or guarantees of any kind that any or all of the Products and Services are suitable or appropriate for you. If you are not sure whether any of the Products or Services are suitable or appropriate for you, you should seek advice from a qualified financial, legal, tax or other adviser. There may be charges for certain elements of the app.
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