How you can prevent car accidents


8th Mar 2022 Motoring

How you can prevent car accidents
Driving in general in an unpredictable phenomena with 100 uncertainties and a lot of risk involved within.
The impressive number of cars leads to more traffic on the roads which makes driving difficult and frustrating especially when the morning sickness kicks in leading you to snooze your alarm after which you are late for work. In all oneness, no one would want to be involved in a car accident for their own safety. Whilst driving, you have to make sure that you do not disrupt the operation on the road and also watch out for other people whom are rather reckless. In this piece we will teach you as to how you can prevent yourself from getting into a car accident.

Be careful of traffic:

First and foremost you have to be careful of traffic especially when you are in pulling into a stack of cars where the space is already congested. For example turning on to a straight running road from the service lane, you have to be extremely careful. This is where your sight and tunnel vision is extremely important and make sure to keep alternating between your side and rear view mirror.

Do not use your phone:

Almost 1 in every 4th accident is due to texting and driving. The National Safety Council’s statistics speak for themselves stating that there are 1,600,000 accidents every year because a driver’s focus might be concentrated on their self phones instead of the road. Even when using the GPS or Maps to find routes that you are unaware of, try to be very vigilant on the road. A great trick to stay focused is to put your phone on airplane mode so it frees you from any unrequired diversions

Form a speed limit:

 Speed is the single more determining factor that would form the base of an incident to occur. Do not gamble over spaces that could potentially not only damage your car but could put your life and safety into danger. Formulate a speed limit, for different routes. Keep your vision clear, most importantly. A trick is to stay 11 seconds ahead of the situation, predicting and observation the situation of the road and the cars around and lastly, maintain a specific distance with the cars around you.

Do not drink and drive:

 Drinking and driving do not mix well as two components and the result always ends in chaos. The United Kingdom witnessed 215 fatal drink-drive incidents between 2018 and 2019. Not only that but the act itself is criminal seeing the illegality present as per the Road safety act of the 1967. Driving requires consistent focus without a doubt and the the effects of drinking and alcohol in particular alternates the function of the body and mind in the opposite direction.

Be Cautious of the Rain:

The rain can prove to be a very crucial deciding factor over car accidents and is something to be cautious off. Car tyres are generated in a very well engineered manner that produce keen friction when coming in contact with the road. This friction enables contraction and helps the car more smoothly over the surface. Rain changes the dynamics on the road and can make driving slippery as well as risky.

f you meet an accident, see a doctor:

If it arrives to the point that you have been indulged in an accident then the first step is to stay calm after which you need to seek a car accident doctor as soon as possible seeing that medical attention becomes somewhat mandatory. Even if you feel that the damage is minimal then it is still best to get a check up.
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