How people can protect their cars from thieves in the face of rising car crime


24th Feb 2022 Motoring

How people can protect their cars from thieves in the face of rising car crime

The best way to stop car theft is by preventing simple mistakes that could be avoided.

From 2019-2021 there has been a 33% rise in car theft and your car is one of your most prized possessions and can be worth upwards of tens of thousands. It is vital to have security on your mind to ensure this number does not grow, leaving you in devastation if anything were to happen.

Here are the best ways you can protect your car against thieves in 2022:

Keep car keys secure

The main way is to prevent thieves stealing or copying your car keys - this includes any spares. Taking them out of the car when you leave it alone, even if you would be gone for just a short while.

Making sure they are not visible at home is important. As leaving by your front door is a prime location for them to get stolen. It’s best to make your car keys difficult to obtain by having them with you as much as possible, as home burglars are usually looking for that set of car keys.

Home security systems, especially if you are away a lot, or leave the car often unattended is an ideal solution to alert you and passers-by that someone is trying to break in. Plus cameras can capture any potential threat to your possessions, especially your car on the driveway.

Ensure valuables are not visible

Especially as you may leave your laptop when travelling to and from work or parking up at a fuel station. Leaving valuables in plain view of a thief will trigger them to steal it.

Mobile phones and handbags are also valuable in today’s world. Never leave them in your car, even if they are hidden in the glove box or under the parcel shelf in the boot. Any eager thief can be on the eye out for anything they can get their hands on.

Even if it is fully insured against personal items, those important files and memories, as well as personal data can be gathered from your devices which are stolen from cars. There may be a ceiling on the worth of valuables you can claim against.

Maximise your protection with car security devices

Extra security can do wonders in preventing car theft. Items such as locking wheel nuts (if not already included) add that extra layer of protection for preventing wheel theft. Immobilisers can be added to older models that do not have them built in, as well as a steering wheel lock to prevent thieves from driving away almost any car – even if they manage to break in.

Some may even be built into your car, such as interior monitoring - which is very sensitive and can detect any inside movement when the vehicle is locked. Make sure it is activated on your car if you have it.

Fit a car tracker

The best part about a tracker is that you can receive live data of the whereabouts of your vehicle. Look out for insurance approved vehicle trackers from Thatcham approved companies such as Tracker Team to ensure that your tracker meets the strict Thatcham Research vehicle security device requirements. 

Keep your wits about you

Think when out and about to decide if parking in an area is safe. It should be well lit, with people around - and if possible, in car parks with security cameras or gates to prevent unauthorised entry and exits.

When driving normally, make sure the car is locked, as anyone can park nearby and open the door. Especially common at traffic lights or in heavy traffic conditions. Strategies such as launching objects at windows or getting drivers to use window wipers for a method of distraction and blocking any view. If something does not feel right then always work out the situation and pay attention, or simply drive on if things do not add up.

Not only are they of high value, but owners can have a relationship with their cars, after all the time we spend in them driving in today’s environment. Ensuring your car is secure can go a long way in preventing theft and the headache and loss that goes with it.

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