How AI-driven technology is revolutionising back care

BY Chongsu Lee

5th Oct 2023 Lifestyle

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How AI-driven technology is revolutionising back care
Could AI technology be the cure for back problems? Chongsu Lee, inventor of therapy device BackHug, explores the possibilities
In the modern age, a significant number of people suffer with chronic back pain and discomfort, which not only affects their quality of life but also puts a substantial economic burden on society, which can no longer be overlooked. 

The back pain crisis

The alarming prevalence of back problems is evident in recent statistics, with a staggering 88 per cent of UK adults experiencing some form of back issue. This common issue has far-reaching consequences, as the study also shows it contributes to an estimated cost of £10 billion annually to the economy. 
"A staggering 88 per cent of UK adults experience some form of back issue"
The research also revealed that a combination of factors, including the cost-of-living crisis and the shift to remote work, has fuelled a 31 per cent increase in back and neck problems since the pandemic. These conditions have led to decreased workforce productivity and an overwhelming 44 per cent of the UK workforce taking sick leave due to back issues. This surge in demand for medical attention, coupled with the ongoing challenges posed by the pandemic, has put immense pressure on NHS wait lists, which currently have over 7.3 million Brits awaiting essential healthcare services, further highlighting the urgent need for a solution to these back problems.

A revolutionary approach to back care

Most conventional therapies, such as traditional massager devices tend to focus on muscle relaxation and can’t specifically target joint stiffness, as they implement simple vibration or kneading methods with rollers and balls. 
The BackHug targets the root cause of back pain
BackHug, a pioneering health-tech company, has risen to the challenge of alleviating this crisis by introducing a solution that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics to tackle the root causes of back pain. Using AI-powered technology and robotic fingers, the device targets the root cause of most back pain—which is stiff joints in the back, neck, and shoulder blades.
Recognising the pressing need for an accessible and effective back therapy solution, Chongsu Lee founded BackHug with a clear mission: to provide a game-changing solution for back problems that could transform lives and enhance overall wellbeing. BackHug's groundbreaking innovation, the "robot back therapist," stands as a testament to Lee's commitment to merging cutting-edge technology with healthcare.

AI: Transforming back care

AI holds the promise to revolutionise healthcare, including back care. With its ability to analyse vast amounts of medical data, AI can assist in early detection and diagnosis of back issues, leading to faster and more accurate treatment. It enables the creation of personalised treatment plans, taking into account individual patient factors for improved outcomes. AI-driven predictive analytics can help identify at-risk individuals and implement preventive measures, reducing the burden of back pain. In essence, AI is set to transform back care by offering more effective, personalised, and accessible solutions for individuals suffering from back problems.
BackHug's innovative prowess extends beyond its physical device to harness the potential of AI to improve back health. The company's proprietary "Back Tension Tracking” technology represents a transformative breakthrough in objectively measuring and monitoring back tension. This technology allows users to track changes in their back tension over time, providing them with tangible evidence of the device's therapeutic benefits after each session. This new data will be combined with other data collected on the BackHug App, notably from its in-app physiotherapy questionnaire, which generates a personalised treatment programme for each user. This is where AI comes in to analyse the data and generate continuously optimised personal treatment programmes on BackHug for users.
"AI holds the promise to revolutionise healthcare, including back care"
When it comes to back care, traditional options such as massage therapy sessions or physiotherapy can often be a financial burden. Many individuals find themselves facing hefty bills and waiting lists for relief from their back problems, which is why BackHug offers an accessible solution through a subscription model starting at just £89 per month. This innovative approach brings professional-level back therapy right to your home or workplace without the high costs associated with traditional methods.
The launch of the world's first robot back therapist, backed by the innovative "Back Tension Tracking" technology, enabling AI-generated personalised treatment, has the potential to reshape the landscape of back care. As Chongsu Lee has aptly noted, this groundbreaking solution not only addresses a pressing health issue but also introduces an entirely new data category—back tension measurement. BackHug's commitment to accessibility, affordability, and effectiveness sets the stage for a future where individuals can take control of their back health and lead more fulfilling lives, while simultaneously reducing the economic burden of back problems on society.
For more information visit www.mybackhug.com to find out more or order a 30-day trial.
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