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Year-round colour and peace of mind for your garden

Year-round colour and peace of mind for your garden

There aren’t many things in life that can be counted on. As the weather becomes more unpredictable and extreme with each passing year, and concerns about home security become ever more salient as the nights draw in, it is sometimes easy to feel that your property is under seige, faced by outside threats that can’t be forecast or controlled

It is reassuring to know then that a solid, simple and stylish solution is at hand – one that returns control to you, the homeowner, and adds a splash of year-round colour to your garden into the bargain.

Importantly, it is also a solution that requires the minimum of time and effort to maintain, meaning that every precious second can be spent doing more important things than applying layers of creosote or mending broken, rotting planks of wood.


The benefits of Colourfence

Colourfence offers a modular system of fencing panels, gates and trellises that can be tailored to your specific requirements, and which adhere to the layout and contours of your garden. Made from super-tough high-tensile steel that can withstand winds of up to 130mph, Colourfence products are coated with a groundbreaking anti-corrosion layer which is guaranteed to last at least 25 years. Furthermore, Colourfence products are 100% recyclable and require no toxic chemicals for maintenance.


Even the market-leading wooden fence treatment product only keeps its colour for ‘up to two years’ – not long, bearing in mind that keeping a wooden fence maintained can be an arduous, time-consuming and potentially expensive chore.

Designer and TV presenter Anna Ryder Richardson says “I honestly believe that Colourfence is the best general purpose fencing product on the market today” You can download Anna’s Good Fence Guide by clicking here or request a free guide on Freephone 0800 644 4113.

According to Jean and John, who had a Colourfence installed at their home in Hertfordshire, “These fences have not moved an inch during the gales and we know they never will. We can’t understand why the country isn’t covered with these smart fences instead of creaking timber panels!”

Colourfence has also featured on ITV’s The Alan Titchmarsh Show, Alan thought colour fence was “very classy looking”.


Great for any garden

Colourfence can be installed in gardens of any size – whether flat or sloping – and as well as helping to keep your garden looking fresh and vibrant all year round, the clever use of colour can even make it look bigger as well. In fact, it is possible to mix and match the various elements of Colourfence’s products to create a unique and eye-catching combination.

"They were professional and courteous to deal with. The end result was excellent, the fence looks fabulous and the team worked very neatly tidying up as they went along. We are very happy customers"


Colourfence prides itself not just on the quality and durability of its product, but also the professionalism of its personnel. In fact, every Colourfence supplier and installer is required to sign the company’s ‘No Pressure Promise’, which guarantees that aggressive sales techniques and dishonest pricing practices are simply not part of the picture.

From the initial consultation through to the giving of a quote and the final installation stage, you can be assured that the process will be transparent, honest and professional. As Joe in Bolton says of the team that installed his Colourfence, “They were professional and courteous to deal with. The end result was excellent, the fence looks fabulous and the team worked very neatly tidying up as they went along. We are very happy customers.”

For more information on products and services, prices and to view testimonials visit the Colourfence website.

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