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Why You Should Use an Oil Filled Radiator


8th Jan 2020 Home & Garden

Why You Should Use an Oil Filled Radiator

Having a good and efficient radiator is a priority for every household. Deciding which kind of radiator you want can be a tricky decision when you have multiple options

You can either get an oil-free radiator or an oil-filled radiator. The experts will always recommend you to get an oil filled radiator because it has numerous benefits. Let’s have a look at what an oiled filled radiator is and what benefits does it provide.

How does it work?

An oil-filled radiator use heated oil to warm the metallic walls of the radiator. The thermodynamic oil in the radiator is heated by electricity directly. The radiations are then spread across the entire room directly from the radiator's wall. What actually happens is that the radiator starts heating the air present in the room. As the air gets hot, it starts to rise towards the ceiling leaving the cold air on the floor. This gradually heats the entire room and gives you a cozy home to relax in.

Benefits of Using an Oil Filled Radiator 

All kinds of radiators come with their benefits and disadvantages. Let’s have a look at a few of the benefits that all oil filled radiators provide.

Less Noise

Nobody likes a noisy appliance, whether it’s a pedestal fan, an air conditioner, or radiators. Most of the radiators out there does make some sort of noise, but not oil filled radiators. The reason behind that is that dry and old radiators use a fan to spread the air across the room. These fans can make a significant amount of noise. Oil-filled radiators do not need a fan to spread the heat and that is why you get them with no noise. It will heat up your room silently and you will not hear any extra noise. In fact, the only noise it makes is when the thermostat clicks.

Better Heat Retention

The dry heaters which use solid substance are not very good at heat retention. They get cold easily and loses heat very quickly. Oil radiators, on the other hand, are very good at heat retention. Once they are heated, they stay that way for a very long time. This can save you a significant amount of money on your electric bill as well. If you are looking to get a radiator for a big room, then you should not think twice before getting an oil-filled radiator. They are designed in a way that they work very well for big rooms. This also does not mean that the oil radiator never stops. Once the set temperature is reached the radiator will turn off but still, the room will remain hot for a good period.

Air Humidity

If you have been using radiators for some time now, you must be aware of how bad the air can get when the radiator is on. Most of the radiators will suck out all the air and will leave your home dry. Which is unhealthy and can result in different types of infections. Oil-filled radiators are designed to keep the airflow in the room stable. Your room will never get dry and you will be able to enjoy the warmth as well.

Energy Efficient

As mentioned earlier, an oil-filled radiator can reduce your electric bills by consuming less energy. The electricity is only used to heat the oil, not the entire room. Once the oil is heated the electricity is not required that much, the oil does the rest of the heating. You may even be surprised by how much money it can actually save you. 

They Are Safe

If you have small children in the house, having a radiator around can be dangerous. You cannot stop your kids from running around the house, and God forbid if they touch the radiator accidentally, they can get a burn on their skin. But if you have an oil filled radiator, such sort of accidents can always be avoided. It is not that it would not heat up. It certainly will! But it will not be hot enough to burn anyone.  

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