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Traditional games for the whole family to enjoy


16th Oct 2019 Home & Garden

Traditional games for the whole family to enjoy

Between going to work and school all week and getting in dinner before homework and then going to bed, it's no surprise that most families don’t get enough quality time together. With these classic games, you can hit the pause button, bring the whole family together, and make memories that will last a lifetime.


Foosball is a widely-known sport all over the world, but it’s also an extremely popular game between family members of all ages. Finding the best foosball table for your game room can give you a great social outlet that unites the whole family together over friendly competition. A fun game of foosball can also help you blow off some steam after a long, busy day and bring your family evenings to life.

This is a game that really triggers our natural instinct to come together and have a good time, one that stirs everybody’s enthusiasm, from the players to the onlookers.


If you’re looking for an excuse to get your little ones to go outside while spending some quality time together, setting a volleyball net in your backyard can help you do just that. In addition to bringing loads of fun to your summer days, volleyball is also a fun physical activity that can encourage your youngsters to adopt a healthy lifestyle and teach them good sportsmanship. Plus, it can be an alternative and fun way for you to reach your fitness goals and reduce your waistline.

Connect 4

Connect 4 is an all-time classic game that’s beloved by both young children and adults alike. When playing connect 4 there’s a little bit of strategy involved as you try to block your opponent, which gives your younger children the opportunity to enhance their decision-making skills while remaining simple enough for them to understand and enjoy.

To keep things fresh and interesting, Connect 4 now comes in different versions with several new games and different ways to play.



Monopoly is probably the most provocative yet entertaining family game of all time. It’s undoubtedly a traditional household staple that really stands the test of time. If you think about it, Monopoly is basically real life masquerading as a game; it’s rent, debt, jail, and bills. All these might be heavy concepts to explain to your children, but Monopoly introduces them simply so that it can actually teach them important life skills.

It teaches them financial basics, encourages them to do quick maths, and can help them develop their negotiation skills, all of which are  useful skills that will come in handy later in life and in business. The game comes in hundreds of different versions including famous TV-shows and cartoon themes which means that you’re bound to find a version that all your family members will love to play.

'The digital realm continues to boom as online gaming captures the interest of adults and children alike’ says Esther Temple at the health and lifestyle brand Lastverdict.  ‘However, traditional offline gaming is experiencing a reboot as millennials seek alternative entertainment that holds a social element and families wish to gain quality time with their loved ones.   We always suggest going back to basics when introducing board games to younger children.  There is a reason why games such as Connect 4 and Monopoly have stood the test of time and are also great for improving concentration and commitment to prolonged tasks.

Whether it’s the holidays or a family game night, each of the games above would be a blast for everyone, young and old, to enjoy all year round. Pick one, or more, and get ready to have some fun, who knows, maybe you’ll even find your new family tradition within these games.

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