Top tips for creating a guest-friendly spare bedroom ahead of the holidays

With flowers blossoming and the sun beginning to breakthrough cloudy skies, warmer months are approaching. Whether you have children or not, the summer holidays are a fabulous excuse to catch up with friends, from hosting a BBQ in your garden to going on long country walks, there’s so much you can do! 

If your friends don’t live locally and are planning to stay the night, it’s nice to spend the time to make the spare bedroom a place they can relax, unwind and feel at home. Staying with family and friends can be more comfortable and convenient than a night in a hotel.

Here are some top tips to help you create a guest-friendly spare room ahead of their arrival:  

  1. Invest in a multi-purpose bed without compromising on comfort 

Your spare bed should be comfortable and of a good size to ensure guests have a restful night’s slumber; but it shouldn’t limit the use of the room. While you can find many children’s beds for sale from Room to Grow, the stylish online retailer also stocks a number of beautifully designed day beds which are an ideal addition to a spare bedroom. Day beds have the power to transform the room into a multipurpose space; by day it can be used as sofa so the room can be used as a second living room, come night it’s the perfect spot for your guests to rest their head. 

Prior to your guests arriving, make up their bed with crisp white bedding, ideally made of 100% cotton to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep. To dress the bed and give the room an air of luxury, drape a light throw over the end of the bed and accessories with three or four complementing cushions. The various textures will help the rarely used room to feel more welcoming and cosier!

  1. Less is more

If you’re unsure on a colour scheme or theme for the spare bedroom, keep it simple. Adopt a neutral colour scheme throughout the room and take a minimalist approach. Embracing a pared-back aesthetic will ensure the room can be used in the day as a chill out space, as well as a relaxing space come night for guests to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. Take décor cues from hotels and ensure there is plenty of storage space to minimise clutter, as this will bring comfort to guests.  

  1. Free up wardrobe space

On arrival, help guests take their bags to their room for the night. If possible, clear a drawer and or cupboard in advance, so that they can unpack and hang clothes if needed. Some guests like to unpack to feel at home, it’s much more glamorous than living out of a suitcase, after all!

  1. Set out fresh towels and toiletries

To make guests feel well looked after and ensure they don’t feel like a burden, keep a fresh set of guest towels in your linen cupboard and, ahead of time set them out neatly on a statement chair or on the end of their bed. Shampoo, conditioner and shower gels can be easily forgotten when staying away from home; to go the extra mile, stock up on mini toiletries, and offer these along with fresh towels to your guests. 

  1. Let there be light

As you most likely have in your own bedroom, ensure your guest room has a suitably placed bedside table. This should home a small lamp; navigating an unfamiliar room in the dark can be a tricky and potentially dangerous task! It may also be a nice thought to leave a scented candle, bottle of water or two and an alarm clock on the side, along with the lamp.

  1. Make a note of your wi-fi password

Living in the digital age, you’re bound to be asked for the wi-fi password. Make a note of the password on a piece of paper or notepad and leave it visible in the guest room. After all, nothing says make yourself at home quite like access to the wi-fi! 

Ahead of hosting guests this summer, bear in mind that a few thoughtful touches will go a long way in helping visitors to feel welcome. By having a clean and freshen up of the guest room, as well as following the above top tips, your guests are almost guaranteed to feel at home and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. 

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