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Things to include in your dream home


28th Jan 2022 Home & Garden

Things to include in your dream home

Here’s many quick tips on how to improve your home, make it more comfortable, or stylish, whatever you have in mind. But only you know what things to include in your dream home.


Your dream home might include large, bay windows. Large sliding glass doors or open windows are often associated with high-end homes especially in quintessentially quaint British villages, or along the coast. Changing the windows in your dream home can give you better access to what limited sunlight you have throughout the year, especially when those large windows face a beautiful, large back yard or garden. Big windows make it easy to transition seamlessly from your home into the outdoor space, cultivating a sense of peace and oneness with nature.

Secret Gardens

Everyone wants a garden that elicits feelings of relaxation, playfulness, and peace. Your dream home probably includes some form of large, sprawling yard, but if you are forced to work with what you have currently, you still have a multitude of options for converting your current space into your dream home.

If you are creating a contemporary garden that is still elegant in style and feel you need to ensure that your garden is practical and has a high end design. The garden should cater to your needs. This means offering a restful place for sitting and relaxing, creating shade to block out the harsh summer sunlight, and maybe even act as a source of food via herbs and vegetables you plan.


You will want to create a space for lounging. Whether you want to lounge in the sun or the shade, you will need to set up a hard surface on which to rest your outdoor furniture. If you place a lounge chair and table on your grass it will sink into the grass and then sit unevenly, or the grass will die underneath it. If you have an area that offers natural shade, use it. This is a bonus that not every garden has. If you have an area that is partially shaded, this is even better because you won’t have to move the chairs around throughout the day.


The best low maintenance path for your elegant garden, which looks great all year round, is a grass path. You can cut squares into your lawn—but keep the space of these squares as wide as your lawnmower is—and then plant decorative grasses into the squares. Each of these squares can be finished with a nice lawn edging.

For contrast, place large black pebbles as the pathway and surround them with white gravel. It can show off your planting in a stylish manner. The best effect though, is to plan something like flax around the path or ornamental grass like black grass.

Don’t let your elegant garden become boring. Instead, add angles. You can create an angular pathway to bring some eye-catching detail into your garden. Try a snaking shape or a zig zag shape that works its way around your flower beds. Border these paths with wood or stone. You can even contrast the color of your edging with a different color pebble. If you want a natural look then you can use bark chips or wooden edging. The nice thing about detailing flower beds with geometrically shaped paths is that it allows you to reach all of your plants for watering or tending, and also adds something special to the aesthetics of your garden.


Within your dream home, you might also have a patio or deck onto which you can easily access seating areas, outdoor BBQs or fire pits. You can buy things like hot tubs online and easily add to the social space in your yard or in an enclosed patio, deck, or outdoor room that keeps you warm while still giving you access to all of the elements you need to escape the stress of the day.


For many families having storage that is designed specifically for individualized needs is high on the list of things to include in a Dream Home. Men who collect cars might want beautiful garages with custom wood and glass doors that allow for the streaming of natural sunlight while also ensuring protection for the vehicles. A dream home might extend to storage facilities that double as outdoor work spaces especially for men who like to regularly have projects around the home.

No matter what your goal is in a dream home, there are ways to make it happen. Start by adding small things here or there like hot tubs, gardens, or better windows and soon enough you will be living in your dream home.

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