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The ultimate outdoor Christmas decoration guide

BY Cassie Pryce

13th Dec 2019 Home & Garden

The ultimate outdoor Christmas decoration guide

Extend your seasonal styling outdoors by adding some festive touches to the front of your property

Warm welcome

Greet guests at the front door with a decorative Christmas wreath. Traditionally, these were made from fresh foliage but nowadays there are plenty of pre-made artificial and alternative options to choose from. 

Some designs come with twinkling fairy lights entwined if you want to add a little sparkle in the evenings or opt for a classic real wreath with greenery like eucalyptus and cinnamon sticks for a festive fragrance. 

For a creative and sustainable alternative, why not have a go at making your own design? Many florists run wreath-making workshops throughout December, or you could go for a more contemporary idea like making a wreath from colourful baubles stuck onto a polystyrene ring.


Wrap around

As well as a traditional wreath adorning your front door, a garland is another way to continue your Christmas decorating outside. You’ll want to choose something weather-proof to ensure it doesn’t get damaged by the harsh winter conditions and check that it is fixed securely to the wall or door frame. 

If your door itself isn’t suitable for wrapping a garland around, you could try draping it in swathes from your porch or even winding it around a post or pillar instead.


Festive fun

Novelty lights are a great way to add some real character to your outdoor styling and create a striking entrance that will set the scene for the celebrations inside. 

Reindeer, stars, Santas or snowmen are fun stand-alone decorations that can be positioned on a lawn, driveway or porch and, if adorned with fairy lights, can be switched on in the evenings. Some light-up designs require mains power, so think about where this can be easily accessed, while others are run off batteries or solar power which is generally more convenient. 

Be sure to fix any freestanding decorations to the ground or a nearby wall, to avoid them being blown over or damaged by the inevitable Christmas gales.


Bright idea

For a subtler alternative to novelty decorations, simple net or string lights will add a stylish glow to your home and can be hung from fences, window frames or even hooked onto guttering. 

Always be sure to buy specialist outdoor lights for this purpose and check with your neighbours if there is any crossover onto their property. These types of lights are typically available in a variety of choices—from cool white, to warm white, and coloured options too. 

Timers are ideal for these decorations, as with novelty ones, as it means you don’t have to traipse outside before bed to switch them off.


Going green

Christmas trees aren’t just for indoors—pop a duo of miniature potted firs either side of your front door for a grand entrance, or dress an existing topiary with festive lights for a pretty display. 

Hedges, bushes and trees can be given a Christmas makeover with a string of outdoor fairy lights, or even a few decorations if you can fix them in place securely. 

If you want to get creative with your winter shrubs, have a go at cutting them into festive designs like a Christmas tree or a snowman for a fun talking point.

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