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The real cost of installing a jacuzzi in your garden


19th Mar 2019 Home & Garden

Installing a Jacuzzi in your garden can be a fantastic idea given that it provides us with lots of health benefits like relief from stress, reduction of arthritis pain, lowering of blood sugar levels as well as hypertension, weight reduction, and so on. Moreover, you can install the Jacuzzi at any time of the year according to your own preference.
However, you might be required to shell out a considerable amount of money while installing it. Below, we have provided an insight into the cost of setting up a Jacuzzi in your garden.
At first, we like to mention that the minimum cost of installation will be from £2500, up to £6000.
Many things will affect the cost of the installation, including the brand, type, and size. Many contractors will charge upwards of £60 per hour for setting up an outdoor Jacuzzi which is because of the labour involved in doing so. However, this rate will not include any material whatsoever.
The cost of the Jacuzzi will likewise increase depending on the extras requested by the property owner. For instance, a cover is required by all Jacuzzi tubs out there for keeping away the debris, and also for retaining the heat while we are not using the Jacuzzi. It can cost up to £150 for installing the cover along with the cover helper needed for lifting the cover. The energy bill of the property owner can likewise go up to keep the Jacuzzi heated.
Other extra expenses might consist of a DC converter, running electric ground wires, a continuous bond wire running to the service panel from the Jacuzzi and a GFCI breaker which helps to connect to the circuit. Apart from this, the property owners must likewise ensure that the Jacuzzi features top quality cleaning solutions as well as chemicals.


Most of the Jacuzzis out there feature interior shells which are acrylic. In fact, acrylic shells are used for making both costly as well as cheaper Jacuzzis. The rest is manufactured from wood and other materials, while redwood cedar happens to the most common wood material that is used nowadays. However, Jacuzzis manufactured with wood interior shells are more expensive and they are not as resilient as their acrylic counterparts.


The cost of a Jacuzzi will depend not only on the materials, but on the type as well. A whirlpool tub is one type of Jacuzzi that can be considered by the homeowners. This version of Jacuzzi has the distinction of forcing air as well as water by means of pressure jets. Apart from making the water bubble, this will also provide the user with a relaxing deep-tissue massage. The air bath whirlpool is another type of Jacuzzi that facilitates the circulation of air through water offering the benefits of hydrotherapy. The stream shower tub is yet another variation of Jacuzzi which provides every single benefit you can expect from a traditional Jacuzzi apart from the additional benefit of a forceful water stream which falls on the user in the form of a shower. You will likewise come across a space-saving Jacuzzi which is more compact in size as compared to the other versions. On most occasions, these types of Jacuzzis are placed on the ground for saving more space.


Although we often refer to the hot tubs as “Jacuzzi tubs”, the term Jacuzzi is a brand name for both hot tubs and whirlpools. Nevertheless, Jacuzzi isn’t the sole maker of hot tubs at present. The following brands ought to be considered by the property owners while searching for a hot tub.
  1. Arctic Spas: These types of hot tubs have been manufactured to endure all types of weather including snow.
  1. Bullfrog: The maker of this type is reputed for manufacturing trendy hubs. On most occasions, the tubs are made for display above the ground.
  1. Cal Spas: This reputed maker likewise is known to make the surroundings for hot tubs including gazebos, outdoor kitchens and so forth.
  1. Jacuzzi: This particular brand happens to be amongst the most well-known makers of hot tubs at present. It has gained in popularity because of the premium quality products manufactured by it at affordable rates.
  1. Hot Spring Spas: This brand has become popular by making custom-built decks around the tubs.
However, every property owner does not have the required space, budget or time for installing a permanent hot tub in their yard. In that case, you need to choose from a list of cheap inflatable hot tubs, lots of which are available on the market at present. However, take care not to buy an overtly inexpensive product that will not live up to the expectations. Instead, try to look for one that offers all the required features which you are looking for.
Next, we will talk about the benefits and drawbacks of installing Jacuzzis in your garden.


Installing an outdoor Jacuzzi will provide the property owners with an opportunity to get rid of unwanted stress. The hot water can prove to be a fantastic way to reduce stress levels at the end of a tiring day. As per the National Sleep Foundation, soaking in a Jacuzzi can help folks to enjoy a sound sleep at night by overcoming any anxiety or tension. Apart from these benefits, it is also possible to reduce inflammation and it is awesome for individuals that struggle with discomfort in various parts of their bodies including their backs. Those suffering from arthritis can likewise be benefitted from Jacuzzis to a great extent.


According to the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, hot tubs can also be hazardous. In fact, over 80,000 injuries were recorded in the country between 1990 and 2006 most of which were linked to excessive exposure to heat. This can be avoided by the property owners by making sure they verify their temperature gauge prior to soaking themselves in the water. Apart from this, hot tubs can likewise be unsafe for those who are suffering from circulatory issues. As per the American Heart Association, it is imperative for the people to avoid hot tubs in case they have been told to do so by their physicians.
Now you have a fair idea regarding how much it will cost for installing a Jacuzzi in your garden; however, it is advisable for you to not to try installing it on your own. There are several things that can be performed by the homeowner for reducing the overall cost of the installation. For instance, it is feasible to curtail your expenses by at least 50% in case you purchase a used Jacuzzi. It is also imperative for the property owners to minimise the expenses by learning how to install it themselves. This will include verifying and also adding chemicals for maintaining the correct pH balance.