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Revolutionary Bill-Busting Home Improvements with Heatable

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Revolutionary Bill-Busting Home Improvements with Heatable
We look at the Northern business tipped as the Uber for boilers and solar Heatable, which have revolutionised the home improvement industry for good.  
No more annoying salespeople in your home; gone are the tradies who take weeks to reply and wave goodbye to hidden extra costs. Let's break that down:
  • No more salespeople - Heatable uses state-of-the-art tech to analyse your property to ensure you get the right product and assigns a local installer to the job. All you have to do is answer a few quick questions on their website.
  • No more waiting weeks - you'll get a fixed price, a range of finance options, and a variety of dates to choose from for an install - all instantly, all online.
  • No more hidden costs - "Well, your valve belt pump needs a C3PO, so that will cost an additional £300, and then obviously, I had to tickle the condense pipe, so that's another £200." Forget all that. The price you see online is the price you pay. That's a promise.
Image of some magnets on a fridge spelling out Boiler
Okay, you can buy a boiler and solar online from a Which? Trusted Trader of two years. So what if they're an award-winning family-run business with thousands of five-star reviews? 
If that doesn't impress you, here's another reason why we're still the ones you love. We're talking about taking the Twain to savings town, bill savings town.
By installing a brand-new A-rated boiler (and replacing a G-rated), you could save £2,700 on your bills over five years. Not only that, but you'll also offset 18 Tonnes of C02. That's the equivalent of installing a wind turbine in your back garden. 
Also, solar is where the savings start to blow your mind. A traditional solar PV system in the UK will undoubtedly reduce your bills. Still, Heatable's technology using REA Solar is where the magic happens.  Pair that with the fact they work on a micro-inverter system - and you've got a recipe for success.

What is REA Solar and how does it make Heatable's solar panels better than traditional ones?

Holding the exclusive European rights to REA Solar (an Australian powerhouse), these panels are designed for the miserable, gloomy British weather. They outperform a traditional panel by 20%, using reflective tech that still shines when it's grey.

What is a micro-inverter system?

A micro-inverter system is where each panel has its own inverter. In a traditional system, if one panel broke or got covered by shade, the whole system would go down. If this were to happen to Heatable's system, the rest of the panels would continue to perform and reduce your bills.
If you could reduce your bills with a new boiler, wait until you hear about the savings made with solar. With an average of 6 panels and a medium battery, you could reduce your bills by 51% - that's over half!
Image of some men on a roof installing solar panels
In summary, this family-run business makes heating and energy-saving dreams come true across the UK daily. Forget Walt Disney; let Heatable make your dreams come true.

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Use the code ‘DIGEST100’ at checkout for £100 off a boiler installation or quote ‘DIGEST500’ when speaking to one of the team to get £500 off a solar installation. Wowzarooney.
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