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Organise Your Home: Call the Professionals


1st Jan 2015 Home & Garden

Organise Your Home: Call the Professionals

Want to organise your home but finding it increasingly difficult? It might be time to call the professional and get an extra hand around the home.

Get Yourself Organised!

If you love being well organised and just can't get there, or your cleaning routine can't seem to catch up to the areas of your house that need cleaning, there's no shame in reaching out for a little help. In fact, a bit of professional assistance can be just the thing to get the house in shape and organised, and get you back on track for keeping it that way. Check out Litta for all your waste disposal.

Maids and professional cleaner services are widely available. What you may not know, however, is that there are also many professional organisers waiting to help you with your out-of-control closets, disorderly files, and stuffed-to-the-gills basements, attics, and garages.



First, you need to decide between a cleaning service or a single housekeeper. Services like High-Class Cleaning for example, usually send teams of people who get the job done much quicker. Maids or professional house cleaners who work solo will often tackle chores that services won't, such as washing laundry, window cleaning, doing the dishes, picking up clutter or cardboard clearance.

In either case, ask (and check) for references from current and former clients. If you're dealing with a company, inquire as to how employees are background- checked and what insurance they carry. Before you hire anyone, nail down precisely what their duties will be, how long they'll spend doing them, what types of tools and cleaners they'll supply or need supplied, and specifics on payments. Also note if there are areas you don't want people going in, or things you don't want touched.


Professional home organisers come from one of two places: they are either house cleaners or house clearance specialists who have moved to general organization, or they are specialised employees of home-goods stores that specialise in home- storage aids and organisers. Regardless, organisers are flexible and work in various ways. They may help you make a plan and leave you to carry it out, work with you for as long as you like, or even do the entire job for you. In the initial visit, the organiser will estimate how long your particular project will take and how much it will cost. To find a housekeeper, maid, house cleaner, or home organiser, search those terms on the Internet for your local region