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Thinking inside the box: Making the most of your box room

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Thinking inside the box: Making the most of your box room
Your box room holds endless potential, just waiting for you to unlock it. Tailor these tips to your specific needs and preferences to create a functional and organised living space
Box rooms, often considered as spaces with limited liveable potential, don't have to remain that way. In a world where affordable living spaces are at a premium, many of us find ourselves in box rooms, especially in bustling cities. However, there's an untapped world of possibilities within those four walls.
Professional organiser Vicky Silverthorn (@youneedavicky) has made it her mission to inspire us to reimagine our box rooms and harness their full potential. Just like countless Londoners, Vicky has a box room of her own, which she has resourcefully transformed into a versatile space. It now serves as her daughter's bedroom while doubling as a guest bedroom.
Vicky has compiled a set of exclusive tips to guide you in creating multifunctional spaces that breathe new life into your box room.

1. Ask yourself, “What do I need this room to be?”

Before you start any makeover, consider your needs. Whether it's transforming your box room into a functional space, a cosy bedroom, a productive office, a kids' playroom, or even a combined office and laundry room, make sure to revisit your “why” throughout the process.

2. Start with a fresh slate

After you’ve asked yourself what the purpose of your box room is, have another think about what you actually need. Go through your belongings and declutter. Get rid of items you no longer need or use. This will create more space for the things that matter.
"Go through your belongings and declutter to create more space for the things that matter"
Whilst you’re decluttering it’s always smart to keep referring back to your initial question: “what do I need this room to be?”. See if anything that doesn't meet this purpose can be given to charity, or consider storing out of the room or in a self-storage unit.

3. Think vertically

Versatility is key. You've got a small room, which might need to be an office, a bedroom, a playroom, and a laundry room all rolled into one! To keep your options open and your room free of clutter, consider thinking vertically.
A child's bedroom, containing floating shelves, a tall wardrobe, and a high bed with a desk underneath
Install shelves, cabinets, or floating units high on your walls to make the most of your space. This not only gives your room a dynamic look but also clears your floor for ultimate space.

4. Multifunctional furniture

A room with multiple roles demands furniture that can be flexible. Opt for space-saving furniture: wall beds, sofa beds that seamlessly transition from seating to snoozing, wall desks that appear when you need them, and slimline pieces that do double duty.
"A room with multiple roles demands furniture that can be flexible"
These adaptable pieces will not only serve multiple purposes but also save you floor space, allowing your room to transform as you do.

5. Floor-to-ceiling solutions

Go big or go home, right? Let's make use of all that room height—every nook and cranny can play a part.
A bedroom containing a bed with under-bed drawers, a high wardrobe, and floating shelves and storage units
Get furniture that reaches from the floor to the ceiling—creating a sleek and efficient layout. No corner goes to waste, and your room becomes a picture of efficiency.

6. Seasonal and occasional storage

What about those items you only use once in a blue moon? Think seasonal decorations, archived documents, or holiday gear. These items often get thrown away due to lack of storage space or are tucked away in a place we usually forget.
"Consider an off-site storage solution for items you use once in a blue moon"
For those items you don’t quite have space for in your room, but don’t want to get rid of, consider an off-site storage solution like Attic Self Storage in London.

7. Slimline hangers and folding

When it comes to wardrobe space, less is often more. Slimline hangers are the silent heroes, taking up only half the space compared to chunkier hangers.
White jumpers on black slimline hangers, on a clothing rail
Combine this space-saving strategy with some clever clothing origami, neatly folding your clothes to maximise drawer space.

8. Hooks and shelving

Walls and doors are for more than just decorations—they're potential storage goldmines. Install hooks and shelves in your box room to keep your frequently used stuff within arm's reach.
"Install hooks and shelves on walls and doors in your box room"
If you’re a renter, you can also get some great over-door hooks that require no installation.

9. Ottoman beds and under-bed drawers

If your box room is a bedroom, hidden storage is key. Ever heard of ottoman beds? They're the ultimate space-saving bedroom solution, hiding generous storage beneath your mattress.
If ottoman beds don't match your style, explore regular beds with built-in or separate under-bed drawers. It's like having hidden treasure chests under your sleep haven.

About Vicky Silverthorn

Vicky Silverthorn became a professional organiser over 12 years ago after a successful career as a personal assistant to pop stars and sports people. Featured on TV shows such as This Morning and Nick Knowles’ Better Homes, her book Start with Your Sock Drawer was an Amazon bestseller.
Banner photo: (credit: Jonathan Borba (Unsplash))
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