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Interior design trends 2021 – find your inspiration now


4th May 2021 Home & Garden

Interior design trends 2021 – find your inspiration now

With 2020 firmly in the rear-view mirror, 2021 is a great time to think about updating your domain with some of the latest interior design trends.

We have shared some of the most popular trends that focus on sustainability, sophistication and exclusivity so that you can create a space that wows every time you step inside. Take a look at some of the key changes you can make to create the modern and inviting space you’ve been dreaming of.


Be bold with primary colours

Gone are the days when colour is avoided! This year express yourself by adding primary-coloured pieces to your rooms and show them off against a more muted background. The dramatic impact of primary colours will create a striking look that will be a great conversation starter!

This colourful approach can be shown across the small decorations and furniture items that you invest in as long as you remember that they are statement pieces rather than common objects. The key to success is to draw the eye and create a fun and playful atmosphere that will intrigue guests.

Install knotted light fixtures

It’s true that light fixtures provide a focal point in all rooms and can be the difference between cohesion and chaos. This year the knotted light fixture is high on the must-have list and promises to provide a natural look that will fit easily with most décor decisions.

Choose from metal, rope or other natural fibres to fit with the design of your room and use it to create a calm and relaxed space. You can choose from large ceiling fixtures or smaller, knotted wall lamps depending on the room you are styling and the mood you are trying to create.

Focus on natural and durable fabrics

Whatever style you are creating, natural and durable fabrics will help to provide a cosy, timeless feel and long-lasting results. To get the best results, opt for quality wool products made from woollen or worsted yarns. These furniture items and provide high-quality results and create a chic finish in any room. There are a wide range of colour options available as showcased by UK manufacturer Hainsworth

In addition to high-quality wool products for furniture, opt for natural fabrics for your curtains and soft furnishings too. These items help to create warmth and comfort and will produce the design results that you are keen to achieve.

Create multipurpose spaces

With more of us having to work from home than ever before, multipurpose spaces are an essential part of home design. Rather than trying to find more space than you have, take the time to create a multipurpose space that can function for living and working as you need it to.

Install beautiful workspaces in large open hallways or add a pull-down bed that doubles as a storage cabinet and can provide workspace during the day and comfort at night. Combining living, working and dining spaces into a multipurpose space gives you the freedom to use your home more effectively.

Choose smart decorative lighting

Setting the mood and creating an atmosphere is much easier when you choose to use smart decorative lighting. You can install smart light bulbs and set them to turn on and off in line with your schedule and the ambience you want to create in your space. Retailers such as Ikea are offering a wide range of smart lighting options for every budget.

The great thing about smart lighting is that it does not just need to be used to provide cosy evening spaces, but it can also provide the right level of lighting for video conferencing, family get-togethers and much more. The best thing about smart lighting is that it works to accentuate your space and harmonises with your design.

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