Impressive homemade Christmas decorations

Bleached pinecones

These rustic decorations make the perfect addition to a wreath or centrepiece but also look great by themselves. 

Find out how to bleach pine cones

Knitted decorations

This quirky bauble alternative is achievable even for novice knitters. All you need is a hoop and some thick thread. 

Cinnamon and applesauce tree ornaments

A great idea if you want to craft with the kids this Christmas, these simple scented decorations are easy to make. 

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Snow jars

Your very own Winter Wonderland in a jar, this project is achievable with almost any glass container. 

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Toilet roll advent calendar

The best bit of this craft is punching through the brown paper for a treat.

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Lollipop garden feature

These super-fun decorations will appeal to everyone's inner child and make your garden feel like Willy Wonka's front lawn. 

Ice lanterns for the garden

These classy lanterns look like they're straight out of an ice palace. 

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Outdoor ice decorations

Another good idea for crafting with the kids, these ice baubles are so simple and can be customised however you like. 

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